Tuesday, September 16, 2014

watson's bath to basics giveaway winners

Sorry it took awhile. :P

You guys are amazing though, 99% of you got the answer correct but I had to randomly draw only 2 winners from the list.

Here they are:

  1. Mark Laurence Perez
    Php 139.00
  2. I love Watsons!
    Ohms Emocling
Congratulations guys! Your prizes are now ready for claiming. Please wait for an email with instructions on how you guys can get them. Thank you! :)

titan games 2014 - philippine's first strongman competition

"Many are strong 
but only a few can be called Titans!"

Do you consider yourself stronger than average? Can you lift? Do you have unbelievable stamina?

If you answered YES to all, then join the Titan Games 2014 for a chance to win AWESOME prizes, bragging rights, and a chance to become a brand ambassador for BeyondDraw or Fit Miss.

Titan Games
The Philippine's First National Strongman Competition

NOVICE Division for MORTALS!

NOVEMBER 9, 2014

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN. P1,000 per individual. 
EARLY BIRD RATE at P800 until Sept. 30, 2014 only.

VISIT www.wodnation.ph/titangames for more registration details


Monday, September 15, 2014

rf treatment at ysa review + faq

You know how all these actors and actresses have beautifully chiseled faces? I used to be so jealous of their pronounced jawlines and cheekbones until I found out that they weren't born that way. Nope, they all used to be regular people like us until they started doing regular RF treatments.

Anne Curtis, Derek Ramsey etc, etc. I've asked people in the know and YES, 99% or maybe even 100% of all the people you see on TV get regular RF treatments.

So how exactly does an RF treatment work and what does it do?

Radio Frequency treatments work by delivery of RF energy (in the form of heat) to the dermis (the deepest layer of skin) and sub-dermal layers without damaging the top layer of skin or epidermis.  Heating in this area causes collagen contraction, realignment and new collagen production which continues to build over several months.  

By promoting the production of healthy collagen, Radio Frequency can help firm up and sculpt your face and body resulting in tighter, younger looking skin.  Full results are noticeable approximately 2 -3 weeks after treatment.
(taken from itfiguressalon.com)

Where to get an RF treatment?

With so many clinics offering RF services today and so many tempting offers available in Group Buying sites, how do you pick the right place to invest your money in?
Well, first of all, like I've mentioned in my previous posts, effectivity of treatment relies heavily on the type of machine being used and the skill of the personnel operating it. Just like with everything else in life, a cheap machine won't get the same quality results as a good machine.

But how does a normal person like us know the difference between the two? My rule of thumb relies mostly on pricing and people who've already experienced the service. I believe that when the price offered is too good to be true, than it probably is. Nothing comes cheap these days. Also, no matter how cliche it may sound, celebrity endorsers also count since they are walking examples of results.

The problem with clinics that can afford celebrity endorsers is that prices can sometimes get blown out of proportion. Of all I've researched, YSA offers the most reasonable prices with guaranteed awesome results.

What happens during an RF session? Is it painful? Is there downtime?

During an RF session at YSA, you will first be ushered into a private room like the one in the photo below. You will be asked to remove all jewelry and anything else on your body that may contain metal.

After undressing (usually just your top, depends which body part you're getting the treatment done), you will need to cover yourself with a towel. 

A trained personnel will then perform the treatment starting by placing a metal plate on your back. This is just a safety precaution to avoid static.

This is the machine used, the different sized black knobs at the top are what they use to rub against your skin.

An oil will generously be applied to your skin so the knobs glide on smoothly. There is absolutely zero pain although it can get pretty hot at times. This is where a properly trained technician comes in. When it comes to RF, the hotter you can tolerate, the better. Skilled personnel will now when its time turn it down a notch to prevent burning.

Treatment lasts around 15-30 minutes per body part depending on the severity of the problem area.

RF also produces better weight/fat loss results when combined with regular excercise.

After treatment, you are not allowed to eat or drink anything cold for the rest of the day.

I am currently getting treatments done for my face, neck and belly. So far., I have been through 3 sessions and I AM SO LOVING IT. It is super addicting because results are almost immediately noticeable especially on the face and neck area...yes, it's like having  a professional make-up artist do a perfect "contour job"  all up in your face erryday. :P Tummy takes a little bit longer for results to show but after 3, mine has significantly reduced loose skin. Another thing I love is that the deep lines on my neck (one of the most obvious signs of aging) have gone away and it's back to all it's youthful 20-something glory, YAY! You will be "blooming" everyday. :))

To learn more about YSA Face and Body, RF + other services they offer, visit: http://www.ysa.com.ph/

or connect with them socially via Facebook and Instagram (@ysaskinandbodyexperts, @ysabyzen) for discounts and special offers

Sunday, September 14, 2014

stila fall 2014: smart, sexy, sophisticated

Gone are the brightly colored cardboard boxes with whimsical prints. In it's place are exquisitely crafted metallic containers sporting a new sophisticated logo.

That is Fall 2014 for Stila. 
All grown up and ready to conquer the world.

The playful girl is now a woman and Stila has matured alongside them with high performance, artistry-driven formulas to help ready them for all the new challenges ahead. The white, rose and yellow gold packaging is there to serve as a constant reminder to always envelop yourself in love, light and jewels! (Good to know that not all has changed, Stila's playful spirit is still alive, well and very much present once you open up these palettes...)

The new eyeshadow palettes which are called "Eyes Are The Window" retail for P2250 and are available in 4 variants.

  1. Spirit - a stunning palette of 12 of Stila's most iconic shades
  2. Mind - a well-edited assortment of 12 matte eyeshadows
  3. Body - a colorful collection of 12 bright and neutral shades
  4. Soul - a luxurious palette of 12 sumptuous, everyday eye shadows
Create endless looks by mixing and matching these colors together AND true to tradition, Stila makes it easy for anyone to apply make-up like a pro with an illustrated, instructional lookbook curated by Sarah Lucero, Stila's Global Executive Director of Creative Artistry.

Aside from the eyeshadow palettes, make sure to also look out for the Mile High Lashes Mascara.

SRP: 1250

This baby is worth every penny. I will even go so far as to say that it is one of the best mascaras I have ever tried.

It doesn't smudge, clump or flake. The result is looong and full eyelashes with a nice, sexy curl. 

It also sports a new patented V-shaped bristle wand that loads just the right amount of product and makes application a cinch!

For more bee-yoo-ti-ful, come hither looks, make sure to check out the lookbook and tutorials at www.stilacosmetics.com

Stila's new Fall 2014 collection is now available at The Beauty Source of Rustans Department Stores nationwide. For updates and giveaways, make sure to follow @RustansTheBeautySource on Instagram.

shakey's opens 7 new branches in the philippines

Now you can get your mojos/thin crust pizza fix closer to home with the opening of 7 new Shakey's branches!

Due to a high demand (and craving) for flavor that only this "long-loved by all" pizza chain can satiate, Shakey's has opened 7 new branches in Aseana, Hemady. Taytay, Evia, Kawit, Kisad and Buting.

Your area not included in that list? 
Don't fret, they'll be opening 12 more stores before the year ends!

Yummy! Ok, talking about it has got me craving now. That's really all it takes for me to pick up the phone, dial 77-777 and have some pizza, chicken + mojos delivered to me :P (low eq)

Cheers to more Good Times and Great Memories at Shakeys! 
Happy Sunday! :)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

pandora autumn/winter 2014 collection/launch: a mystical tale

Your favorite fairytales turned into exquisite jewelry.

For Autumn/Winter 2014, Pandora takes it cue from magical stories such as Snow White and the Huntsman, Alice in Wonderland and Game Of Thrones to bring you stunning, nature-inspired jewelry that sparkles like fresh snow on a first winter's day.

To celebrate the launch, Mega Fashion Hall was transformed into a winter-wonderland with a beautiful performance by the Philippine Ballet Theatre interpreting the new collection...

"You have gone through the forest and the night unafraid. 
Imagine if you could go through life, 
gathering the precious charms that are symbols of life's mysterious and wonderous unfolding.."

Each piece is thoughtfully designed to capture life's most memorable moments and then immortalized into the prettiest charms you've ever laid eyes on so you can carry your memories with you everyday and be reminded with a piece that is just as lovely as them.

The new collection includes:

  • Shimmering Leaves - building on last year's Fairy Feather series, it's a precious heirloom waiting to be passed on through generations. It's a timeless series that features fine, micro-set jewelry with sterling silver and yellow gold details.
  • Dark Florals - sculptural and textural combinations reminiscent of the natural world. It features mysterious and magical floral motifs offset with luscious white pearls, enchanting black enamel flowers on sterling silver and intricately detailed floral charms decorated with 14k gold, sparkling enamel and shimmering stones.
  • Night Blue Crystal Set - inspired by the serene sky at night with cool blue jewels in the form of cocktail rings, delicate stud earrings and necklace pendants. Each are set with a deep blue crystal faceted to catch the light with decorative dots of sterling silver to add a textural element reminiscent of the enchanting night sky.

...Now you all know what to ask for this Christmas! :P

Check out Pandora's Autumn/Winter 2014 collection in these boutique locations: Greenbelt 5, Glorietta 4, Bonifacio High Street Central, Newport Mall, Shangri-la Mall, The Podium, Elemento in Aura Mall, Megamall Expansion and Century City Mall.

Friday, September 12, 2014

sofitel manila's oktoberfest 2014

I headed to Sofitel a couple of days ago for a taste of next month's upcoming Oktoberfest. If this was even a slight indication of how much fun it's going to be, than count me in!

Imagine...ice- cold mugs of free-flowing beer, unlimited grilled sausages, cold cuts, cheese, traditional roasts and stews, live entertainment and the priceless camaraderie that only an event like this can bring.

Plus, it's all for a good cause too!

Organized by the German Club Manila, a hefty part of the proceeds will go to their numerous charity projects which have been active since it's founding in 1906.

Interested? Here's what to expect:

Aside from free-flowing beer and a feast greatly resembling those of the Vikings, there's also going to be live performances by the world famous original Hofbräuhaus Band and Show from the legendary Hofbräuhaus in Munich which was founded by the Duke of Bavaria in 1589!

Also watch out for internationally acclaimed female yodeller, Lissie, musicians and performers who will be doing the traditional folk dance of Bavarian Schuhplattler while playing on cow-bells and cracking their whips in tune to some Bavarian music.

It can't get any more authentic than this!

The Harbor Tent will be transformed into an authentic Biergarten (Beer Garden) with Oktoberfest tables and benches complete with ladies donned in dirndls and gentlemen in Lederhosen to add to the spirit of the festival.

Here's the 76th Oktoberfest 2014 menu:

If you think you've had too much or don't have a designated driver on call for the special occasion, why not book a night at Sofitel and make the most of the night's festivities! 

Call Sofitel Philippine Plaza at (632) 832-6988 ext. 6988 or email: reservations@germanclub.ph or h6306-fb2@sofitel.com to ask about their special Oktoberfest rooms package.

Oktoberfest 2014 will be held this October 17 & 19 at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila's Harbor Garden Tent.

Ticket prices are at P3,300 (for non-members) and P3,200 (for members) which is inclusive of a raffle ticket for a chance to win prizes amounting to over 1 million pesos.

for more info, call the German Club Manila at (632)818-4236

"Ein Prosit Ein Prosit!"
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