Saturday, November 1, 2014

DIY care bears costume for adults

If there's a king of catastrophe, I am probably the queen of procrastination (and cheap.) :P

My sis in law's birthday falls on Halloween and each year, she celebrates with a costume party. Each year, I come up with a costume just a few hours before the festivities. Cramming is my specialty and cheapness is my special trait. I can't seem to bring myself to spend on a costume I'll only wear once so I always DIY it with what items I have in my closet. Thankfully, I'm a styleblogger so I have a lot of costume-y items in storage.

For the last couple of years I've gone as Axl Rose, and the guy from Clockwork Orange (I can't find my photo of that).
diy axl rose halloween costume
diy axl rose costume
Yesterday, I was feeling exceptionally uninspired. I didn't know who I wanted to be. At first I was thinking Wednesday Addams or Winona Ryder from Beetlejuice (cause I have a lot of black in my closet) or Cher from Clueless (but that's like how I would normally dress anyway). All of those ideas seemed kinda bleh for me and then I remembered these Kawaii hoodies that I bought sometime ago...

bear hoodie
At around 7pm, (party was at 9:30) I finally thought Care Bear! With less than 2 hours on the clock, I had to get moving fast.

I grabbed an old white t-shirt, a dinner plate, scissors and some needle and thread:

diy care bears costume
I was looking for an old red t-shirt I could cut into a heart but I couldn't find any old enough to cut so I just grabbed one of those recyclable shopping bags in red and used that instead.

I measured a circle using my dinner plate on the white cloth and did a free hand heart on the red. Stitched the heart onto the white cloth, cut it in half then attached it to my bear hoodie with a running stitch (so I can easily remove it afterwards). The whole process took me less than an hour and voila! Instant Tender Heart Bear costume:

diy care bears costume adults
It was fun being a Care Bear, everyone would stop, smile and say "Care Bear Staaaaareeee" each time I walk by. 

If in case you don't own a bear hoodie, you can just use any hoodie and attach cardboard ears and a pom pom tail at the back.

care bears costume adults
Some photos from the party last night:

care bears costume for women

buzz lightyear costume adults 

diy care bears costume women
Last night was fun and today I'm paying for it with a HUGE hangover. Can't drink like a fish anymore and not suffer dire consequences once you hit your thirties :P Hope you all had a fun Halloween as well! Who'd you go as?


Friday, October 31, 2014

alexander wang x h&m: the entire collection + price list

This is it guys! This post might be a bit on the photo heavy side but I'm pretty sure you won't mind. :P

For your consideration, the entire Alexander Wang X H&M collection and their prices. Tick off what you want and make a mental note of possible purchases because we'll only have 10 minutes each to shop the collection. It's gonna be crazy/wild so best to screen cap your choices, do the math and come prepared.

Here's what to expect on November 6:


Like what you see? Here's what you should take note of before lining up on November 6:

  •  Colour codes shall be provided on site (the colour codes determines your shopping hours/group)
  • 10 minutes allotted shopping time per group in the Alexander Wang X H&M collection area, other areas of the store will also be open during that time
  • Each customer is limited to purchase 2 pieces/product/per color
  • Your place in line does not guarantee availability of any items from the alexander Wang X H&M collection
  • Return policy: there is a strict 3 days return/exchange policy, no refunds or exchanges will be given after this time. Items must be in perfect condition and please bring your receipt. Accessories and undergarments are not refundable for hygiene reasons. Items that are not the correct size may be exchanged but cannot be replaced with a different item. 
  • No substitution in line is allowed. Actual customer should be in line. 

The first 10 customers on November 6 will also receive a special commemorative book called The First 10 Years. 

The book celebrates the first 10 years of iconic designer collabs at H&M (Alexander Wang is the 10th). This limited edition book contains the whole history behind each collaboration to date. 
It also includes interviews with many of the designers, sharing insights into the collaborations as well as a look back at how the work process and launch of the collections. 

Save the date November 6, 2014: Alexander Wang X H&M. (I die.)


morellato drops: charm watches for fall/winter 2014

What is it about charms that get us all giddy like a doggy with a frisbee?

It puzzles me really. Women of all ages even girls as young as Nikola go ga-ga over these miniature replicas you can string as jewelry.

We both have a growing collection that we add to during every special occasion/monumental event in our lives. It's nice to have a reminder of how blessed we are...maybe that's it. Maybe that's the reason behind the big success of charm jewelry or maybe they're just too cute and adorbs!!! :P

Either way, I'm pretty sure that most people will appreciate it as a gift this holiday season.

Morellato has a wide selection to choose from at surprisingly affordable prices (i.e. you can get an entire bracelet loaded with a few charms for around P3,000 only). 

morellato philippines
There's lots of new charms to choose from this Fall/Winter 2014. Choose between rose gold, yellow gold or silver and you can either string them onto gold/silver jewelry or even braided leather or satin in different colors. I got me a black leather bracelet that I loaded with pearls and silver charms encrusted with cubic zirconia. I wear it everyday and layer with the rest of my charm bracelets (because I have more precious moments in life than once bracelet can contain -haha, excuses).

morellato fall winter 2014
morellato charms fall winter 2014
morellato gold charm bracelets
morellato jewelry set
But what if you already have a ton of charm jewelry or are not fond of frills?

A direct to the point, on the go woman who doesn't have to time to load on piles of jewelry but still appreciates pretty things?

Morellato Drops are perfect for you and you won't see these anywhere else. They're protected by patent and only Morellato has exclusive rights to the design.

Making its debut this holiday season, Morellato Drops are perfect to wear as an everyday watch but are also delicate and glitzy enough to match with all your cocktail dresses.

morellato drops
There are many watch faces and gold tones to choose from to match your taste and best thing? You get to personalize and adorn them with charms that bear a special meaning to you. How precious!

How totally perf! Hahaha, not to mean to sound too much like a ditz but these are really pretty in person especially when you put them on and pair with an existing charm bracelet. They are so attractive.

morellato charm watches
But wait, there's more If you still find that too dainty for you, they also have gorgeous watches that scream luxury but without the hefty price tag.

Get a matching pair for you and your beau. They have beautiful pieces for men as well.

I got my eye on that gorgeous gold number:

morellato watches
Just like shoes, you can never own too many watches!

For more on  Morellato Drops and their Fall/Winter 2014 collection, connect with them socially via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram @morellato_phils


Thursday, October 30, 2014

ootd: coven-ish + easy last minute halloween costumes

Been awhile since I've had a "legs for days" post. :P I've been embracing flats so much lately (they're sooo comfortable!) that I've put most of my heels in storage. Looking at these photos though, they make me remember how flattering heels can be. Flats can never ever make my legs look this good (sad :( ) so I guess it's back to more "tiis-ganda" moments again this season... :P

Anyway, with Halloween tomorrow and me procrastinating (as usual), been researching for easy last minute DIY costumes. If you have a lot of black in your closet like me, a stylish and super easy costume would be dressing like any of the girls in American Horror Story: Coven. Just pick out your most stylish LBD/ensemble, add a hat, some boots and a solemn attitude and you're good to go! :P

Wednesday Addams is also another super easy option. ;)

  • OR you could go as Facebook - just write book across your face with eyeliner :P
  • Holy Cow - wear a halo, wings and cow print whatever
  • Pot Head - DIY a headband and attach a small pot to it
I might go as Cher from Clueless since I have a lot of plaid skirts and button downs in my closet but I haven't fully decided yet.

There's a lot of cool ideas on Pinterest.

floppy hat street style
azalea residences baguio
lace shorts street style
forever 21 black sweater and lace shorts | suiteblanco clutch | romwe hat (see here) | zara sandals

photos by


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

globe gcash bazaar - 5 reasons why you need gcash charge this christmas season

I was first introduced to Globe (Gcash) Charge earlier this year at a press conference (see here). During that event, we were able to test out the new, portable credit card terminal in a controlled environment.

This time around,  an actual bazaar was set up with real merchants using the device so we could actually experience what it's like to pay using Globe Charge.

We were given Globe Gcash Debit Cards loaded with cash that we could use to buy anything we wanted from the bazaar.

These Gcash Debit cards are pretty cool if you sell online. You can register them and connect with your existing GCash account so they share the same balance and you can even register your card with Paypal for one-click hassle free shopping with international websites.

Tell you the truth, paying via Globe Gcash Charge is exactly the same thing as paying via a traditional credit card terminal. It takes the same amount of time, same procedure.

Below are photos from the bazaar and here are my TOP 5 
  1. No lost transactions - sure clients can say they will return after withdrawing some money from the ATM but they can also get sidetracked and not go back for the item.
  2. Earn More - people don't normally carry large amounts of cash with them, if you sell high ticket items with no credit card payment option, there's less chances of you moving your stuff
  3. Zero Interest - for a limited time period, Globe Charge is offering 0% interest, this will woo your customers into shopping more.
  4. Convenience - people will shop with you more if they know they can buy anytime without having to go through the hassle of withdrawing money first.
  5. Safety - since you and your clients are holding less cash, there's less chances of getting mugged.

According to The Bagmaster and BC Fragrance, their sales have more than doubled since they started accepting Credit Card payments.

Get your own Globe Gcash Charge terminal for only P999 at select Globe branches nationwide.

For more info, you can visit this link or visit: or email:

ps. would you like me to get one for Bloggers United so you can buy my stuff using your credit card?


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