Wednesday, October 22, 2014

wsi megamall opening (watch style insider)

Christmas is once again just around the corner and so is the tedious task of finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones...

If you don't want to see your presents recycled again next year, why not give them a watch? :P

I can hardly think of anyone who might re-gift a watch and you can never have too many either!

If you're thinking budget, no need to worry. There's a lot of stylish options at WSI (Watch Style Insider).

Their newest boutique at the upper ground floor of Mega A in SM Megamall opened yesterday and I was there to check it out.

The new store is a scaled down version of the one in Marina Bay, Singapore but it is just as stylish and engaging. The displays are situated in such a way that makes it easy for its clients to view and inspect the watches. Also, they employ a team of trained experts who are in the know of the latest fashion trends and technical product information.

WSI is owned by the Fossil Group and carries 9 brands: Fossil Watches, Skagen, Armani Exchange, Emporio Armani, Marc by Marc Jacobs, DKNY, Diesel, Karl Lagerfeld and the super popular Michael Kors watches - now you can get yours at a reasonable price without having to worry about wether they're fake or not.

I also found out yesterday that Fossil makes all these watches that's why they're so affordable and yet the leather and hardware used are of good quality.

They're also the only store that carries Karl Lagerfeld watches in the Philippines...

WSI Believes that:

  • You should wear a different watch everyday of the week...
  • To match all your outfits and activities +
  • Time is what you make of it
So keep track of it with a beautiful watch and make the most out of every single minute.

Here's some of the timepieces that caught my fancy. 
Most have a price range of just 7k-15k!

For more, visit WSI at the upper ground floor of Bldg. A, SM Megamall or if you're in Cebu, visit them at Ayala Center.

A second branch in Manila will be opening soon at Trinoma.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

ootd: ripped, plaid, military

This is what I wore to Day 2 of our Baguio Group Getaway that was sponsored by Azalea Hotel & Residences. Since our trip was sponsored, that meant our days would be packed with activities and a bunch of other stuff to feature. These things usually take up an entire day. Most of the time, you don't know where you're going, what you'll be doing or what the weather's gonna be like so I opted for something comfy and versatile...

Ready for rain, treks, long walks, and colder evening weather:

military parka street style
grunge street style
chucks street style
And it's a good thing I did because on this day, we had to visit the public market, ukay shops on session road as well as a few other stops for the challenges we were supposed to complete.

Challenge 1: Shop at Ukay with a 1k budget, style and shoot a team mate and upload onto Instagram within an hour. (An hour included travel time already!)

Challenge 2: Create a signature dish highlighting ingredients that Baguio's well-known for. Shop at public market, cook and present within 2 hours (2 hours also included travel time!)

azalea bloggers
The dish we came up with: Strawberry Garden Pasta: broccoli, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, basil tossed with a strawberry/tomato sauce on spaghetti noodles.

vegan pasta recipe
And here's the OOTD we came up with for the shoot:

ukay ootd
Tiring but fun and I'm pretty proud of what we were able to accomplish with such a limited amount of time. I got to explore Baguio more on this trip than I've ever done in my entire life despite spending numerous summers there. 

forever 21 black sweater | suiteblanco ripped jeans | converse chuck taylors | topshop plaid shirt | zara bag | romwe military parka (see here) | rayban clubmaster from glasses online (see here)

photos by


quick giveaway: win invites to the forever 21 phfw show

Super quick giveaway, super quick intro and super quick mechanics.

I believe Forever 21 doesn't need much of an intro anyway :P

If you'd like to catch the show, I'm giving away invites! 

To join, all you have to do is:
  1. Follow @sarahtirona and @f21philippines on Instagram
  2. Regram this poster with the caption "I'm excited to see the latest trends at Forever 21's show on Philippine Fashion Week!" and use the hashtags #F21PhFW and #Forever21XSarahTirona
3 winners get 2 invites each!
Winners may claim their invites on October 24 at the Registration Area of SMX Hall 4 between 4 to 5 PM.

Ending tomorrow so go and post away! Good Luck! :)

tour of azalea residences and hotel, baguio's presidential suite

During my stay in Azalea Hotel and Residences, Baguio a few weekends ago, I was given the chance to tour their Presidential Suite.

As promised in my last post (Review of Azalea Hotel and Residences Baguio), here's an exclusive peek!

The presidential suite at Azalea is great for big groups of people family reunions, class trips, office outings, multiple families, etc. (or even small families/couples if you're posh like that :P)

It feels like a traditional yet modern Baguio home. Once inside, it's easy to forget that you're at the 4th floor of a hotel.

The ground floor has a foyer, spacious living room, kitchen and dining room:

azalea hotel baguio
azalea residences baguio
rooms at azalea baguio
presidential suite azalea hotel baguio
The 2nd floor is where the bedrooms are at, 3 comfortable rooms that are large enough to fit an X amount of extra beds. It's up to you to get crafty depending on how many you plan to squeeze inside.

Just like in our suite, these bedrooms have their own bathrooms, tv, cabinets, wifi, etc.

The atmosphere once you step inside is super relaxing.

suite at azalea hotel
deluxe room azalea hotel baguio
azalea hotel baguio
And, I swear, I never wanted to leave. :P

The cozy, unpretentious interiors really got to me. I love how inviting, pleasant and friendly the whole place feels. I could really imagine myself living in it. (ha-ha, seriously though, that's how much I liked it).

Baguio inspires me so much and this place really has a way of adding to the charm.

presidential suite azalea hotel
If you're traveling by yourself, or in a small group, try to request for a bedroom at the top floor. I was able to sneak a peak into one of the deluxe rooms while housekeeping was inside and I noticed that the ceilings were different from ours! Higher and vaulted, feels much more like you're in a ski resort ;).

deluxe room azalea hotel and residences baguio
Coming up next, City Tours + New and fun things to do while in Baguio!

for more info: visit:

For exclusive access to special promos, connect with them socially via Facebook, Twitter (@azalearesidences), and Instagram (@azaleabaguio)


Monday, October 20, 2014

giveaway: win phfw invites to suiteblanco, sfera and uno de 50!

I have to admit, the past few Philippine Fashion Weeks have been a bit humdrum with just a few redeeming shows scattered in between.

BUT, it's about to get exciting again as European brands SFERA, Uno De 50 and Suiteblanco join this season's line up!

I am positive that just the mere mention of these names will get all of Manila's fashionistas back in their heels, ready to strut their stuff.

And why not?

Uno de 50 is one of the biggest jewelry brands in Spain that creates handcrafted silver pieces that are both eye-catching and timeless. (for more on Uno De 50, you can check out this post)

Their new Autumn/Winter is greatly influenced by the sensations experienced by the human being on coming into contact with nature in its purest form, aptly called The Connection.

These sensations are interpreted into beautiful works of art inspired by the vastness of a landscape, a winter forest, and the Northern Lights in which they use Swarovski crystals to capture the beauty of this natural light show. 

The result is wild, free and beautiful.

Taking all of these elements into a live fashion show is definitely something you don't want to miss!
I'm pretty curious to see what they come up with as well.

Fairly new in our region with its recently opened store in SM Makati being only the first in Asia, SFERA is actually a very successful fashion chain from Madrid with over 214 stores nationwide.

I am a big fan of their contemporary yet classic styles. Their clothes are often done in simple silhouettes and a comfortable fit that exudes an air of confidence which says "I dress to please myself and not anybody else".

This Philippines Fashion Week 2014, catch an exclusive first peek of SFERA's Fall/Winter collection which includes lots of khaki's, bottle greens, reds, grays and blues mixed with black and white.  There's a lot of pieces that pay tribute to the 60s and its mod era.

And now one of my all-time favorites: Suiteblanco!

Of all the Suiteblanco pieces I've owned throughout the years, I have never sold nor given away a single piece. That speaks volumes since a style-blogger like me pretty much discards old clothing like a used tissue. You gotta be extra special to earn a permanent place in my closet! ;)

This Fall/Winter proves to be another winner with its main theme set on sleek minimalism and modern feminine pieces!

Lots of blacks, whites and grays in classic, well-loved silhouettes such as circle skirts and fit and flare dresses. Printed, hippie-inspired ensembles, animal prints and denim that is given new and exciting treatments!

Muy Caliente!


3  readers will get a chance to win 2 passes each! Take your BFF along so you can compare notes during all 3 of these highly anticipated shows! 

To join, all you have to do is fill up the Rafflecopter form below:

Giveaway will end midnight, October 23, 2014.
Winners will be announced in this post so please check back shortly after it ends.
 Winners must pick up their passes at Unit 4B Valdelcon Building, No.20 Jupiter Street, Bel-Air, Makati City

That's it! Good Luck and See you at the show! :)

Official Hashtags for the Event are:


pancake house get happy: free small soldiers for good grades

As parents, we are forever proud of our children's achievements. How big or small doesn't matter. Our hearts swell with pride each time our kids do good because that just means we did good as parents too. 

All that is normal, but when an outsider recognizes our child's accomplishments too, then that feeling is extraordinary.

You could expect rewards and compliments from a grandparent, an aunt, a friend but never from a restaurant, right?

Pancake House is probably (already) the most well-loved, family oriented restaurant in the Metro but with their "Get Happy" promo, you will love them even more.

Get Happy acknowledges our little one's achievements and rewards them with a "smiling" order of triple stack "Small Soldiers" pancakes for good grades.

Yup, that's right, no strings attached and totally free. 

We decided to pay a visit to our neighborhood Pancake House branch for an early dinner last Saturday and give it a try. 
We kept it as a surprise from Nikola because I wanted to see her reaction.

We had dinner first, ordered some old favorites Taco Salad, Arroz ala Cubana and new favorites, Steak and Eggs, Orange Frizz. Yes, no Pan Chicken and Spaghetti because I just had it the day before with my grandma :P

After dinner, I asked Dennis to hand over Nikola's most recent report card so I could present it to the waitress and avail of the Get Happy promo.

The typically curious little girl wanted to know why I needed to give her progress report to the waitress...

And that was when the waitress congratulated her for her good grades and told her she was getting a reward.

She couldn't believe it and I could see in her eyes how proud she was of being able to help her mom and dad "get free food" by having good grades (She thought her good grades shouldered the entire bill - haha).

Kidding aside, from experience, Get Happy isn't just about rewarding your little ones with a dish they love, it also teaches them a valuable life lesson - hard work reaps benefits. And it truly gives them a sense of self-achievement and satisfaction. 
(Just prepare yourself for a bit of gloating from them afterwards.)

Take your kids to the nearest Pancake House and try Get Happy today. 

Just present any of the following with a school emblem: quiz or test paper, work sheet, report cards, certificate or awards for academic, behavioral, sports and other extra curricular activities.

Get Happy is available in all Pancake House outlets nationwide from Mondays to Saturdays from 1pm to 5pm.

for more info, connect with Pancake House on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@PancakeHousePH)


Sunday, October 19, 2014

pizza hut flavors of the world

Pizza is always welcome in my belly. :P
In fact, it was all I ate when I was pregnant with Nikola.
 It's yummy, easy to chow on the go and is also a great comfort food. Nothing beats pizza and a movie at home on a lazy Sunday night.

My favorites are classic cheese, pepperoni, supreme, and veggie. Even better when the crust is stuffed with even more cheese! Me and Nikola often fight over the last couple of slices so we always end up getting the buy 1 take 1 pizza deals of Pizza Hut.

As much as I love all these flavors with all my heart (:P), I am still open to trying new varieties and that's a good thing because if not, I would never have discovered Pizza Hut's latest offering called "Flavors Of The World".

Flavors Of The World takes Japan, Germany, US, and Italy's most recognizable ingredients and puts them together in a pizza for a culinary experience that allows you to travel the world through taste! Mmmm....

Let's start with my numero uno favorite of the four:

Italian Bacon Margherita Pizza inspired by Italy - fresh tomatoes and basil, imported mozzarella cheese, cheddar and cream cheese topped with bacon. 

This simple combination comes together to bring you something unforgettable! 
Imagine sinking your teeth into juicy tomatoes covered in cheesy, heavenly goo with a crust that is airy and chewy at the same time...It doesn't just taste good, the combination of different textures is also amazing. Bits of bacon add just the right amount of salt and fat to keep things interesting yet not overpowering and you end with a crust that is covered in crunchy, toasted cheese. 

Get this stuffed and I guarantee, it will be your new favorite too!

German Franks from Germany - favorite German franks and green bell peppers on a bed of melted double mozzarella with a drizzle of mayo mustard and crowned with potato crisps. 

I'm not so much into sausages but Nikola loved this (that's actually her hand in the photo above, couldn't stop her from grabbing some so I could take a proper photo :P)

This is richer, heavier and saltier than the Italian variant so it's great for people who are into junk food. However, I do have to say that the mayo mustard does a great job of neutralizing the palette so all the other flavors don't come on too strong.

Japanese Crab Maki - mixed crabsticks and chicken chunks, topped with diced fresh mango, julienned cucumber and nori strips on a thousand island dressing.

This was actually a pleasant surprise. I was a little iffy at first about having mangoes, mayo and crabsticks on my pizza but I actually enjoyed this very much. It's light and refreshing, perfect for warmer days with an ice cold glass of soda. The flavor sort of reminds me of those yummy, cold lobster/crab sandwiches. 

Delish! Be brave and order this, it's definitely worth trying.

American Roast Beef Pizza - succulent tasting beef,  fresh tomatoes and onions, mozzarella cheese, cheddar and cream cheese.

Like I said, my favorite of all was the Margherita. 

But I am having so much trouble picking between this and the crab maki for second place. They are both really good but this one is a meal in itself. A mouthwatering combination of 3 different cheeses and super tender beef slices. I wouldn't go so far as to call it Tex-Mex but it is somewhat Fajita-ish with the contrast of the cream cheese against the cheddar and beef juices. 

Men will go ga-ga over this. 

It is a protein junkie's dream come true and it is truly, truly scrumptious! 

Another must try especially for days when you feel like a bottomless pit and just want to veg out in front of the TV. This is a perfect fit. :P

Take your friends along with you so you get to try all 4 flavors at once! :P

Flavors Of The World Pizza can be included in your favorite Hut Feast Combo Meals at no extra cost!

Only pay Meals for 
  • 2 pax at P259, 
  • for 4 pax at P599, 
  • for 6 pax at P999 
  • and for 8 pax at just P1,299!

And of course my favorite of all, the Hot Deals delivery promo where you get 2  Family Pan Pizza's for just P499!

That's 2 for the price of one. 
Super cheap that's why I always order it with an additional stuffed crust! :P

For more on Flavors Of The World + first dibs on promos, connect with Pizza Hut Philippines socially on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@pizzahutphils)


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