Friday, July 25, 2014

ootd: modern princess

Kinda makes me cringe a little using the word princess on myself. :P I think I have gone past that stage many years ago and even then, it was never really a word I would use to describe myself but as the saying goes...anybody can be a a princess for a day and so when I received the invite for the La Tentacion Nina Ricci event stating that the dress code for the event was to come dressed as a "Modern Princess", I decided to embrace it and have fun with this once in a blue moon ootd.

Besides, sticking with a mostly black and white palette and simple, body skimming silhouettes allowed me to still feel like myself and not so much like a fish out of water. To make the total look a little more "princess-sy", I decided to give it a touch of pink by finishing it off with these gorgeous rock-stud pumps that I got recently from Milanoo.

tulle skirt street style
valentino rock stud pumps street style
valetino studded heels street style
sheer striped blouse
maxi tulle skirt
dorothy perkins sheer striped blouse
Speaking of the shoes, I have been wanting a pair like these since last year but the ones I have come across in the past usually don't fit very well or are quite uncomfortable. So happy I came across these because aside from being true-to-size and nicely made, they're quite friendly on the feet. I wore them all-day at the mall for 2 events - from lunch to after dinner and my feet only started hurting towards the end of the night. Pretty impressive for closed toe pumps. So yep, these are probably my new favorites. Can't beat the 2 CC's - cute + comfortable! :P

milanoo rivet heels
manila fashion blogger
philippine street style
dorothy perkins sheer striped blouse | dreslilly tulle skirt (see HERE) | milanoo rock stud pumps (see HERE)

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the fashion wedding

     If you want your Treasure Island wedding photos to be perfect, you should not care only about the photographer. You have to consider all the details that make a wedding be unique. Such events are always going hand in hand with fashion trends. This is why, when planning a wedding, there are many tips that can be found in fashion magazines.
     If you’re a bride to be or just a girl who dreams about the big day, you have the opportunity to admire dresses, rings and floristic decorations in different fashion magazines. Starting with the extremely fashionable Vogue and ending up with the themed up “ The Bride” magazine, all of them contain little hints on how to create an absolute fairy tale.
     Before you choose the one and only ring, dress and bouquet, consider all the possibilities. Look at the new Pronovias collection. The 2015 spring show of the brand was named “Pronovias Dream Factory”. The show had it all, starting with super sexy and ending up with super romantic gowns. Karolina Kurkova let the models and made the dreamy floral lace dress- a rockstar. Also, take a look at the Anna Maier Wedding Dresses in her new spring 2015 collection. The effortless and elegant show was everything a bride could hope for. Classy, vintage and glamour dresses made the models look like mermaids, firs ladies and celebrities. The BHLDN new summer 2014 dresses are perfect for your bohemian themed wedding party. If you dream about spending the ceremony of love on the beach, take a look at these dresses. You’ll find one that inspires you to love, hold hands and say ‘I do” in the most romantic way.
     As you need a dress, you need accessories. This is why you must look the Enchanted Atelier’s line of bridal accessories. There you have everything for making your bridal look, a perfect one. Flowers for your hair, mysterious lace masks and romantic necklaces, can all be found in that collection.
      The wedding is first of all, an event for your soul. Make your dress, hair and make up look amazing. Celebrate the love in a fashionable way and you’ll have an incredible beautiful memory for life. 


Thursday, July 24, 2014

morellato debuts in the philippines

Known for exquisite jewels and fine Italian craftsmanship, Morellato has long been a favorite among tastemakers worldwide.

Founded in Venice, Italy in 1930, their jewelry is strongly inspired by the Italian Renaissance. Their pieces are created with the finest precious metals, pearls, diamonds, semi-precious stones and stainless steel.

The combination of exquisite designs and affordable price points are simply too hard for many to resist which is why Morellato has decided to expand its reach to the Philippines.

To celebrate the opening of their new boutique at the east wing of Shangri-la Mall, members of the media, bloggers and Manila's well-known fashionistas were invited to an exclusive event at Spatzle where we got to know the brand better and create our own jewelry...

Among the attendees was Italian Ambassador Massimo Roscigno, new brand ambassadors for Morellato Philippines: Divine Lee, Kelly Misa, Alyssa Lapid and several others.

Aside from stunning jewelry sets for women, Morellato's product line-up also includes stylish watches for men and fine leather goods.

My favorite out of all are these do-it-yourself charm bracelets and necklaces which are loads of fun to put together....

You begin by deciding on a base. Choose among stainless steel chains, rose gold, gold, silver, leather cord or satin.

Price starts at just P995! 

Next up, choose among a wide variety of charms to adorn your bracelet or necklace. I always make it a point to pick charms that symbolize a person or a significant moment in my life to make it more special :)

Charms are also affordably priced at just P995 which makes adorning your bracelet a lot more attainable and affordable.

Not surprisingly, I left the event with a charm bracelet on my wrist :P I've been wearing it everyday since then and I'm super excited to show you the design I came up with. Maybe in a couple of days through instagram (@sarahtirona) or via a new ootd. :)

But don't wait around for mine, check out Morellato boutiques and create your own personalized piece of jewelry.

for more info, visit Morellato Philippines on Facebook


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

eddie bauer launch sm aura

Eddie Bauer - I knew of it vaguely, mostly from my Dad and late grandpa who were fans but I didn't really know why they were so loyal to the brand...up until a couple of days ago when I attended the launch of their 2nd store in Manila at SM Aura:

I finally realized why most men in my family hoard Eddie Bauer stuff when they go to the states.

  • First, because the clothes are SUPER comfortable. 
  • Second, durable. 
  • Third, functional, 
  • Fourth, designed for real men who prefer a "no frills" attitude when it comes to clothing.

Something else I learned that day is that Eddie Bauer has actually been around since the 1920s. 

Their outerwear functioned so well that it was even adapted by the US army on several occasions.

The newest Eddie Bauer boutique at SM Aura is designed with an outdoor-sy feel. Everything is within easy reach allowing you to fend for yourself. 

When it comes to merchandise, expect lots of pieces with style and function combined. 

Ultimately, what sets Eddie Bauer apart from other clothing brands is their ability to marry style with function that results in clothing that features modern technology such as UV protection and dri-fit fabric. 

Price points aren't bad either with shirts ranging from 1k-3k. It's a great place to shop for some basic closet staples :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

sm accessories x disclosure in manila giveaway winner

Hi Guys!

Thank you all for joining my SM Accessories X Disclosure Giveaway! :)

Already drew the winner via Rafflecopter and the lucky lady who gets 2 GOLD tickets to see Disclosure live in Manila this July 24  is...

Congratulations! Enjoy the concert! Kindly email me at re: claiming of tickets. Thank you!


Monday, July 21, 2014

co/op manila cafe + gift shop san juan

CO/OP is the newest addition to the list of hip cafe's in the San Juan/Greenhills area.

Located along Mabini Street, its chic and industrial exterior is hard to miss from the road.

It's a gutted house fitted with ultra-hip home decor - some of which you can even take home!

Only recently opened, I think they are still in their soft opening stage. I visited on a Sunday afternoon for coffee and was surprised to see the place packed.

Ordering is done from the counter:

On the menu are several varieties of coffee, a couple of cakes and cookies + usual cafe food fare like salads, pasta and sandwiches.

A dish averages between P200-400. A bit pricey, but from what I spied on other tables, their servings are quite generous and can be shared between two people.

I read somewhere that their food still needs improvement so during this visit, I decided to skip on it first and go straight for dessert to avoid possible disappointment (and save money).

Besides, my main reason for visiting CO/OP that day was to check out their merchandise:

It did not disappoint. I wanted to take everything home!

Every inch of their space is covered with kitschy home accessories. I was especially drawn to their table lamps, dog busts and pseudo-taxidermy.

They also carry several "out-of-the-box" children's books like these as well as the Star Wars  Darth Vader + child series.

Going back to the food or rather, dessert...

I have to say that the coffee is pretty decent. On the other hand, their  chocolate cake and cookies (not in photo) are extremely delicious.

If you're looking to furnish your home with unique accessories or are looking for a cool place to chill, CO/OP Manila is definitely worth a visit.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

the good box ph review

I have always been curious about these home-delivered, healthy meal plans.

I was finally given a chance to try it when The Good Box PH approached the Mommy Bloggers Philippines Group and asked for a roster of bloggers to review a day's worth of meals.

I was assigned for Wednesday.

My meals arrived Tuesday night. Just in time for Glenda.

At the time I wasn't worried because the weather was still pretty calm. I put my package in the refrigerator so I could heat them up the following day. Fast forward to a few hours later, I woke up to loud howling winds and a power outage.

Cut the story short, half of my meals got spoiled so I only got to sample my breakfast and snacks. How unfortunate.

This was supposed to be my menu for the day:

Each meal is labeled with its calorie count plus info on proper heating.

I stopped using the microwave in our house (for health purposes) so all our heating is done on the stove. I highly suggest re-heating your meals the same way, they turn out better and more fresh-tasting.

Breakfast was Whole Wheat Pancakes with Light Syrup and Grapes. I had it with my usual mug of steaming black coffee. Despite the raging storm outside, this meal provided so much comfort.

I wasn't expecting it to taste half as good as it turned out to be. Perhaps one of the BEST pancakes I have ever tried in Manila. No kidding. Consistency is quite heavier and thicker than a regular pancake which makes it more filling. It did not taste like diet food. I wish I had more than one. :P

According to most nutritionists, you are supposed to eat something every 3 hours to keep your metabolism working at an ideal rate. Eating less more often helps you loose weight faster which is why The Good Box provides mid-meal snacks.

For my AM snack, I had the Tomato and Zucchini Gratin.

Also delicious despite being salvaged from non refrigeration for a few hours by then. Unlike a typical gratin, this wasn't as rich. I'm not sure what kind of cheese they used but it was pretty light and I think the majority of the topping was bread crumbs. Flavor relied greatly on the freshness of the tomato and zucchini which surprisingly held its own even after having it many hours post prep.

By around lunch time, my pasta was already looking and beginning to smell funky so I decided to toss it out along with my dinner. I didn't exactly want to experience food poisoning during a black out. It was uncomfortable enough as it is.

The only remaining thing I was able to salvage was my PM snack: Oat Cookies.
Also yummy. It didn't really taste like Oat Cookies to me but didn't matter cause I enjoyed it anyway. It had a flaky consistency and it tasted very similar to something else but I just can't quite put my finger on it.

A lot of people have the misconception that eating healthy usually translates to bland and tasteless.

I have been on a healthy semi-paleo organic diet for a couple of months now and I tell you, our food has never tasted better. Fresh, organic ingredients are often naturally packed with flavor and you don't need to do much to make them taste good.

The Good Box makes balanced, delicious, healthy and organic meals easily accessible for everyone.

Below is their price list good for a week's worth of meals. Rate depends on calorie intake. There's a "Nutritionist" option/questionnaire on their website which will help you determine which package is perfect for you depending on your daily activities + fitness goals.

I did the math, a 1200 calorie diet (which is what was recommended for me) comes out at around P500/day. Not bad especially for single people who have don't have time to cook. And since it's pre-packed, it also makes it extra convenient to bring with you to the office or school.

For more info on The Good Box, visit their website:

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