Saturday, October 4, 2014

jergens 7-day challenge

Imagine receiving clues and missions daily that will lead you closer to achieving the best skin you've ever had.

That's the Jergens 7-Day Challenge. How can I resist?

Not only is it super exciting to not know what to expect each day but I also get to try their newly formulated moisturizers which according to them is the best Jergens ever created.

The new lotions aren't your run-off-the-mill moisturizers. They feature an illuminating Hydralucence blend which penetrates the skin 5 layers deep, prevents moisture loss and reflects light for flawless skin that glows.

In true James Bond fashion, the challenge began with this mystery box that was sent to my house a day ago:

It came with my first set of instructions and the tools I'll be needing to complete all 7 missions.

1 day = 1 new mission.

And just like clockwork, I got my first mission today at 11:00am:

The objective was to "RADIATE BEAUTY FROM WITHIN" and I was to accomplish this by approaching a complete stranger and gifting her with a bottle of Jergens lotion.

Thing was, by 11am, I was already out of the house working and I didn't have my extra bottle of Jergens with me. 
I set back for home around 4:00pm but then the traffic was crazy with almost zero visibility due to (super) heavy rainfall. I had no way of nabbing a stranger without the risk of getting them drenched along with me so I did the next best possible thing...

Meet Yaya D. Not only is Yaya D the best yaya/assistant ever, she also has the makings of a beauty blogger! Just like me, she has quite an obsession with skincare and I couldn't think of anyone else who would appreciate trying this new line from Jergens more than her. And I was right! My gift of lotion was the perfect ending for a tiring day. Now she can pamper herself before bedtime. 

An unexpected gift from me and seeing her sincere appreciation both brought glowing smiles to our faces. :D

Misson 1: Beauty that radiates from within = accomplished!

Stay tuned as I update this post daily with new challenges. 

For more info on the new Jergens Skincare lotions, LIKE Jergens Philippines on Facebook and watch this video: Take the Jergens Challenge and see the difference in 7 Days

Thursday, October 2, 2014

what to wear with birkenstocks + 2014 collection

 I was normcore before it was mainstream. (Hahaha, I'm lazy like that.) 
But seriously, I love how we now get to dress in comfort but still manage to look stylish at the same time.

All of my normcore outfits wouldn't be possible without my Birkenstock Arizona's. Nothing screams 90s minimalist normcore like a good 'ol pair of Birks. I have been wearing them almost everyday since I got them and I loved them so much that I purchased a second pair (in white). Of all the shoes I have bought my entire life, I am getting the most wear and tear out of these 2. They are the comfiest ever and so versatile as well.

Want to get your own pair of Birks but not sure what to pair with them? Compiled some of my favorite looks for you. Hope they serve as inspiration because guys, do your foot arches a favor and get yourself a pair of Birks. Your varicose veins will love you forever. :P

what to wear with birkestocks
From experience, I find they go well with....
  • shorts
  • boyfriend jeans
  • skinny jeans (but I'm not much a fan of those)
  • short dresses
  • bikinis
  • mini skirts
Basically anything I guess. :P

birkenstock street style
birkenstock outfit ideas
birkenstock fashion blogger
Birkenstock's unparalleled comfort is due to their patented "Comfort Sole".

Comfort Sole is a flexible and lightweight orthopaedically-based footbed with a toe box that allows normal foot function. It's shockproof, and allows proper weight distribution and maximum support to ensure that your feet are kept safe and at their comfiest every single time you slip on a pair of Birks!

Not sure which model to get? Check out these new offerings for 2014. Wether its for work or play, there's a perfect pair of Birks waiting for you.
    birkestock boston
    birkenstock 2014 collection
    birkenstock 2014
    patrik muff birkenstock
    Check out to see Birkenstock’s latest designs. 

    Follow Social Media Accounts: Birkenstock in the Philippines on Facebook and BirkenstockPH on Instagram and Twitter for updates on events and promotions. 

    Birkenstock Philippines is available at Glorietta, Alabang Town Center, Trinoma Mall, SM Megamall, SM City North Edsa, and selected Res I Toe I Run outlets. 

    Wednesday, October 1, 2014

    tech21 case for macbook/ipad air launch

    I just recently purchased myself a 13" MacBook Air a few days ago:

    tech21 macbook case price
    And right now, it is my MOST favorite thing in the world. :)

    Although all tech review sites I've visited state that the Air is one of the most durable laptops out there, the ultra-thin design and beautiful finish often leave me worried about getting a scratch or dent in it.

    Just like anyone else with a precious, new Macbook, I want to safeguard my investment and purchase a protective case for it. But I didn't just want a regular case that shields against scratches and dings, I wanted something that could do more.

    Something that will not only keep my laptop looking fresh but also cushion it from a drop impact (in case (god forbid) it happens). With dogs and kids in my home, I can never be too sure.

    So that was my criteria but of course, I also want something that looks awesome and chic because that's a large chunk of what you pay for when you get a Mac and it's a shame to just cover everything up and add to the bulk.

    And that's where the new MacBook cases of Tech21 come in:

    tech21 macbook case review
    It was perfect timing for me to receive an invite for the unveiling of their newest products at the equally new Beyond The Box boutique in Century Mall just a couple of days after buying my Mac.

    I am a big fan of Tech21 products because I bore witness to how strong and powerful the technology behind their products is during their iPhone case launch last year. It's truly amazing to see it in person and I liked it so much that I kept it on my iPhone 5 'til it turned yellow and my brother begged me to give it to him. (I did, but with much hesitance).

    Even before seeing it, I already knew it was the perfect case for me but when I finally held one, I was even more impressed at how beautifully made they are.

    They're a bit gummy which makes it easier to grip and hold on to your Macbook but despite the level of protection they provide against dings, drops and whathaveyou's, they still manage to be lightweight and sleek thanks to the development of Tech21's latest impact material called  FlexShock.

    tech21 macbook case
    I wanted one so bad that I resorted to this: 

    tech21 philippines
    An embarrassing physical exhibition of my flexibility broadcasted all over social media for a contest held during the event. I went all "Emily Rose" because I thought they were giving away a case.

    I won.

    But I didn't get a case. Grand prize was this HUGE Crumpler backpack that's large enough and perfect for...yup, backpacking (:P) and camping. Not complaining but a case would've been extra extra awesome. hahaha

    beyond the box
    So anyway, aside from MacBook Pro and MacBook Air cases, they've also added an Impactology case for the iPad Air. 
    It's made with a flexible TPU shell integrated with Flexshock. It also has a magnetic front cover that automatically locks your iPad when you close it and wakes it up when you open.

    tech21 ipad air case review
    tech21 ipad air case
    SRP for the MacBook Air 11" and 13" is P3450
    MacBook Pro 13" - P3650
    MacBook Pro Retina 13", 15" - P3650
    iPad Air - P3250
    iPad Mini - P2950

    The new Tech21 cases are available in the Philippines at these boutiques:
    Beyond The Box, Beeper City, BZB Gadget Hive, Complink, Digital Arena, Digital Hub, Digital Walker, District 32, E-Central, Games and Gadgets, Globotel, Graphic All In, iBook, iCenter, iCon, iGig, Islands and More (NAIA T3), iStore, iStudio, JMB, Albay Gadgets, Microstation, Mobile 1, ROX, Senco Link, Sole Patrol, Switch, Sync, Technoholics, The A-Shop, The Inbox Store, Vertex, Virtual Station, Wellworth Department Store, Wow Mobile.

    Tuesday, September 30, 2014

    ootd: urban apparel

    "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

    Lately, I have been thinking about my personal style and how I'm almost always in black and white and the frequency in which I rotate my clothes. If I wasn't blogging then this probably won't even be an issue but since I am, I can't help but ponder on it and wonder if you guys are thinking or feeling the same way about my ootd's.

    And then I realized that I live in the real world where most people don't own as many clothes or go shopping as often and that it is really quite practical to just purchase a few pieces that flatter you in all the right places, are super comfortable to wear and can be worn over and over again.

    It's just the thought of being "stuck" that's bothering me a bit but after giving it some thought, I am chalking it up to maturity. At my age, I no longer feel the need to be frivolous, I know what I like and what works on me and I can't blame myself for wanting to dress that way (even if it is 99% of the time).

    And owning a closet full of 3 complimentary colors make it really easy to mix and match.

    No style post for awhile cause I haven't been attending events much which leaves me with no one to take my photos, I usually just ask Dennis to take a quick snap with my phone and post it on Instagram (@sarahtirona - follow me for more ootds, there are more there right now than here; you can just msg me for brand info if you want).

    But yesterday, I was finally able to sched a chill day  with Ana and Tracy so here, a new OOTD :P

    We spent the entire day together shopping at the newly renovated Forever 21 store where the dialogue mostly went like this:

    5 minutes in: "There's nothing to buy..." | After an hour in at checkout: "Crap, I'm over budget", "Shit, me too!" 

    HAHA, the store is just huge and packed with stuff so it can feel a bit overwhelming but there's some pretty nice gems in there, cheap too. I got a nice pair of black pants for lounging that was on sale for only P500.

    Aside from shopping, we also had dinner at Ippudo and a much needed pamper session at Beauty and Butter...hence, the foot spa/pedi-ready outfit:

    birkenstock street style
    manila's top fashion bloggers
    birkenstock philippines
    I paired this really cute athletic-inspired "Paris" jersey that I got from the recently opened "Urban Apparel" boutique in Alabang with my favorite Birkenstock Arizona's and origami skirt from Romwe (which I need to put on lockdown for being super overused).

    Anyway, about Urban Apparel, have you been? It's pretty cool, it's a mecca of awesome (and quirky) brands from abroad under one roof. They carry UK-based vintage style brand: Tokyo Laundry, Swiss brand: Tally Weijl (which is where my top is from), and also Paris' Fresh Brand to name a few.

    If you find yourself at Alabang Town Center, check them out at the G/F. You can also find Urban Apparel boutiques at Marquee Mall Pampanga and soon at Ayala Cebu.

    for more info, follow Urban Apparel on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (@urbanapparel_PH)

    photos by

    paris top from Tally Weijl at Urban Apparel | romwe shorts (see here) | birkenstock arizona | matte folding ray-ban wayfarers from glasses online (see here) | zara bag

    Monday, September 29, 2014

    watsons wonders: beauty box hair heroes unboxing

    You're probably all familiar with sample boxes right? They usually come in a neat 10x6 package loaded with travel sized samples or something close to that...

    Now take a look at this Beauty Box by Watsons:

    It's the "Hair Heroes" box and it is huge! This box contains more than enough full sized "Hair Wonders" to address all of your hair problems. It's a diverse and generous combination of Watsons' featured hair products for the month: enough to share among your entire family. 

    Check out what's inside:

    3 large tubs of Salon Professionals Keratin Treatment in Shea Butter, Milk & Honey, Fresh Mint and Vitamin E.
    • These are perfect as an aftercare treatment for colored and damaged hair. Why settle for regular conditioner when you can perform an affordable salon treatment at home?
    • Make it an event! Take turns with your husband/sister/mom and give each other scalp massages as you apply the treatments onto your scalp. It's a wonderful bonding experience, trust me ;)

    For a quick and fun makeover sesh at home or to cover up those horrid whites, try Palty Hair Dye from Japan! It has a gentle formula that provides excellent grey coverage and nice color (you can check out my review HERE).

    This is definitely one of my favorites from the entire box. This hair dye doesn't only perform well, it's also fun to use.

    Aloe Derma Natural Shampoo, Conditioner and Scalp Tonic

    Aloe Vera works great on hair and skin problems which is why I always make it a point to have a few fresh potted plants at home. Problem with this is that I get lazy to use the sap sometimes because it can get really messy.

    Aloe Derma uses 99.8% certified organic Aloe Vera so you can get the benefits of Aloe without the mess!

    Aside from addressing the problem of thinning hair, these products also smell wonderful and luxurious. They remind me of the toiletry set in Shang hotel.

    *use all together for optimum results

    Gatsby Moving Look Spray - when you need extra hold for that special occasion. Use after wax to keep everything in place all day and night!

    Diane Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner - another product from Japan that I'm super excited to try.

    Morrocan Argan Oil is one of the best things to ever happen to hair, having it in a shampoo and conditioner that comes in stylish packaging that will look good on your bathroom shelf is just a plus. ;P

    But really, what I love is that this moisturizes the hair and scalp without leaving it greasy. Just soft, shiny and bouncy!

    L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil - I've heard A LOT of good things about this from my fellow beauty bloggers. Many swear by this product and can't live a day without it. You're supposed to apply 3-4 drops before shampoo, before drying, on dry hair or as a finishing product (I guess you can basically use it anytime you want to :P) 

    Glad I'm finally getting the chance to try it myself! (will do a separate review on this soon!)

    Toni & Guy "Casual" Forming Spray Gel - ANY Toni & Guy product added to the mix always makes it worthwhile.

    The "Casual" line is created for everyday use to create that much coveted, effortless, "just got out of bed" look. Stylishly mussy, just the way I like it!

    Spray on damp hair, blow-dry or even just air-dry! AWESOME!

    Hair Vitamin Moroccan Argan Oil - like I said, Moroccan Argan Oil is one of the best things to ever happen to hair (AND also the skin). It's best when used in its concentrated form like this:

    For hair, place a small amount throughout damp hair and style as usual.

    Pure Argan Oil is also great for massages and to use on the face after a peeling session.

    And lastly, the product I found most interesting of all is this HairFix Miracle Hair Fiber with Locking Hair Spray.

    It's the perfect solution for men and women with thinning hair. 
    Judging from what I've read on the back of the box, I think it performs similarly to those fiber mascaras that add length to your lashes.

    After washing and drying your hair, spray the Miracle Hair Fiber onto your scalp and follow with the Locking Hair Spray to keep everything in place despite wind or sweat.

    If it works anything like the mascaras, then this product is quite a gem and a must-have. Thank god I don't have thinning hair yet but for those of you who do, this just might be the "quick-fix" answer to your problems.

    Will give this to my grandma and try to convince her to make me document it so I can show you better how it works in a different post.

    There you have it! 
    The Hair Heroes for October. 

    Which ones are you most eager to try? :)

    Make sure to visit the nearest Watsons and check out the irresistible deals on these featured hair products.

    for more info, connect with Watsons Philippines on FacebookTwitter and Instagram (@watsonsPH)

    online shoe shopping

    Keeping the whole family in shoes can sometimes be a challenge. Adults and children need various kinds of work, school and dress shoes, and there are often needs for athletic and casual footwear too. When it comes to kids, it can be especially challenging to keep their shoe needs covered and still stay within a budget, since children outgrow shoes quickly.

    Looking online for shoe purchases can be a big help, especially when you check out outlet or other types of online venues that provide a large range of shoe types. While some kinds of shoe purchases will be straightforward, sometimes you need the help of online reviews to assess the workmanship of a given pair of shoes, especially shoes like hiking boots, show boots or running shoes, which will be getting a lot of wear and tear. Those kinds of shoes will often be put to the test in certain situations or terrains, and you’ll want to find out if they’ll stand up to what you or your kids will be putting them through.

    When you shop online at places like Sneaker King, you’ll have the chance to look at a variety of shoes for the whole family. You can browse by men’s, women’s or children’s shoes and also search by top brands or particular kinds of sports. Whether you’re looking for hiking boots, moccasins, slippers, canvas or leather boat shoes, sandals, slides or sneakers, you can find them all. These and other online shoe shops for the whole family, such as Famous Footwear or Shoe Gallery Online, provide the opportunity to browse at your leisure and learn about different makes and styles. You can see the latest makes of athletic shoes or the coolest styles in dress shoes. Even if you end up going to a brick and mortar store to try things on, you’ll be armed with the information you need to ask questions about brands, styles and sizes.

    Doing your homework online can help make shoe purchasing for your family a little less arduous. You can also sometimes find great discounts and shipping promotions when you purchase online that will help stretch your family shoe budget even further.

    Sunday, September 28, 2014

    toys r' us at robinsons place antipolo opens!

    I am not widely regarded as a "mom-blogger" in our circle, I am always categorized as a styleblogger so I don't often get invited to kiddie events (much to mine and Nikola's disappointment). The few times I do, I make it a point to go even if it's way, way out in the boondocks.

    When I got the Toys R' Us invite, I was so excited (you'd think it was ZARA :P), Nikola was too. She asked me if she could skip soccer practice to accompany me. Being that this was a rare occasion, I obliged and we transformed the trek into a fun day trip.

    Robinsons Place Antipolo is a bit far from where I live but it doesn't take very long to get there via Marcos Highway and the route turns scenic once you're halfway through Sumulong Highway which is where its located.

    This new mall, is pretty and spacious with a big outdoor parking lot surrounded by trees. It really makes you feel like your "out of town" even if you're just a few minutes away from the city.

    The mall is divided into several two-storey buildings with outdoor verandas. Toys R' Us can be found in one of these adjacent structures separate from the main shopping center.

    Although a bit smaller than the other Toys R' Us branches I've visited, it's still complete with all your favorite brands in stock (as well as those hard to find toys that ALWAYS immediately run out in malls closer to home).

    They have a wide selection of affordable Toys R' Us private labels like:
    BRUIN, YOU and ME, JUST LIKE HOME, DREAM DAZZLERS, FAST LANE, TRUE HEROES, STATS, EDU SCIENCE, UNIVERSE OF IMAGINATION, ANIMAL ALLEY, and PAVILION (board games, chess sets, tumbling tower and more for lots of fun family time)

    And of course, no self-respecting toy store would be complete without these brands in their line-up: TRANSFORMERS, HOTWHEELS, POWER RANGERS, PLAY-DOH, FISHER PRICE, LEAP FROG, MONOPOLY, LEGO, LITTLE TIKES, PLAY-DOH, PLAYSKOOL, DISNEY, MARVEL, SONY PLAYSTATION, BARBIE, X-BOX, DISNEY INFINITY and a lot more!

    Me, I was drawn towards these:

    darn YARN!

    I have always wanted to learn how to knit and my recent obsession (and success :P)with the Rainbow Loom has boosted my confidence ten-fold. I think I'm ready to conquer the yarn.
    This kit will probably be the new fad for moms who want to graduate from rubber bands. :P

    Nikola is still in her Rainbow Loom stage and was pretty much pre-occupied the entire time making bracelets at the special Rainbow Loom booth that was set up for us during the event.

    It's so much fun to be able to "bring your kid along to work with you" and we both wish to be invited to more mom-daughter bonding events like this. :P

    If you live in the Antipolo area, Robinsons Place is a nice new venue to take the family out for lunch and shopping. If you're far away like me, it's still a nice place to go when you feel like escaping from the city for a few hours.

    And of course, while you're there, make sure to drop by the new Toys R' Us with your kids. :)

    for more info, visit: or connect with Toys R' Us Philippines socially on Facebook and Twitter (@toysRusPH) for first dibs on promos and fun events like this!

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