Friday, January 30, 2015

you're so classic

I will always be a fan of the crisp white shirt + jeans combo. There's something about it that's unbeatably fresh and timeless.

To avoid things looking predictable, play with silhouettes and details in your accessories.

Instead of a classic tailored shirt, I opted for this slouchy version from SFERA which I recently got on sale for just P999 from P1999! What is steal?

To add more interest, also paired it with 3 layered gold necklaces and studded gold loafers from Jeffrey Campbell that I got during my recent shopping trip at the SM Shoe City sale (see here). And to round it off, my favorite gold-rimmed + tortoise shell Clubmasters from Ray-Ban.

jeffrey campbell martini bee loafers street style
rebecca minkoff mini mac  bag street style
boyfriend jeans street style
jeffrey campbell martini bee loafers
There you go! 
I hope you agree with me that classic and easy don't have to translate to boring. :)

SFERA shirt | American Eagle Boyfriend Jeans | Jeffrey Campbell Martini Bee Loafers | Rebecca Minkoff Bag | Ray-Ban Clubmaster (get yours at a special discount here)

photos by

Thursday, January 29, 2015

pantene 3 minute miracle conditioner review + free samples

Frizz. Every woman's nightmare.

To combat frizz, you need a conditioner that can flatten and smoothen the outer layer (or the cuticle cells) of your hair's surface for a silky and shiny look.

That's exactly what Pantene's new 3 Minute Miracle Hair Conditioner does.

It contains 80% more key conditioning ingredient vs. Pantene’s regular conditioner and has the highest ever level of advanced Terminal Amino-Silicones (TAS) to repair damaged hair in 3 minutes! 

That's a pretty heavy claim: A conditioner that can repair 3 months worth of damage in 3 minutes?

But yes, it does work.

I got my sample several days ago and have been using it eversince.

What I like most about it is that it doesn't weigh your hair down despite being an intensive moisturizing hair treatment. 

In fact, it does the exact opposite: My hair felt lighter and notably airier as (if I'd just gotten it trimmed) right after I towel-dried it.

At first I thought I was just experiencing a placebo so I tried it again, yes, it's definitely airy.

It didn't get rid of my tangles 100% while wet but none has ever been able to do that. :P Once it dries though, my hair definitely becomes more manageable (and yes, tangle free). But you know, tangles are tangles. Not really so much of an issue for me. What matters most is what my hair looks like after using it and that's what I love the most about Pantene's 3 Minute Miracle.

My fine hair doesn't come out limp, oily or heavy-looking. Instead, I get an instant, lightweight, blow-dried look without even trying. Just pop in the shower, use as a regular hair conditioner and enjoy beautifully silky, tangle-free hair!

ps. Smells wonderful too!

Pantene's 3 Minute Miracle retails for 

Full Size: 70ml / 180ml / 340ml
Price: PHP 59 / PHP 159 / PHP 259

But you can get yours absolutely FREE (shipping included)!!! 

All you need to do is sign up for an account at:, input the promo code below and a sample sized tube (70ml like mine) will be shipped directly to you!

Hurry and get your free samples today!!!

OR - you can also opt to purchase it for 50% off at Zalora! :)

ps. will try to edit this post and add an "after" photo later :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

get ready with me: quick and easy idiot-proof hair and make up in less than 5 minutes!

Hi Guys! So, I just realized that it's actually kinda fun doing videos. I'm currently obsessed with editing and stuff. It's a nice change for me after 5 years of doing the same thing. This feels fresh and makes me feel rejuvenated so I hope you don't mind the slight change in platform. It's just once in awhile. :)

So anyway, been watching a lot of "Get Ready With Me" videos on YouTube but I noticed that most only tackle make-up for dressier occasions or days when you have lots of time to waste on primping so I decided to make my own featuring my super quick and easy daily go-to routine for when I only have about 5 minutes to get ready.

I hope you like!

Nude Eyeshadow and Tightline Eyeliner are to make your eyes appear larger, brighter and more awake. You can skip liquid liner part if you prefer a more "barely there" look. Highlighter on lips is to make them appear more plump. You can skip or use lipgloss instead. :)

Monday, January 26, 2015

bifesta cleansing lotion/makeup remover review and demo

Bifesta Cleansing Lotion is a Make-up Remover, Toner and Moisturizer in one that doesn't need to be rinsed.

Meaning, when you come home from the club at the wee hours of the morning with a full face of pancake thick make-up on, you can just wipe everything off with this and skip the rest of your beauty regimen without feeling guilty or suffering from it the next day! 

Awesome stuff is awesome.

Bifesta Cleansing lotion retails for about P400+ and is available in different variants for all skin types. There's one for oily skin, anti-aging etc.

This one I have is the "BRIGHT UP" variant which removes dead skin cells for brighter, even-toned skin.

bifesta cleansing lotion

  • Effectively removes even the toughest waterproof make-up
  • Affordable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Great for nights when you're too tired to remove make-up, cleanse, tone then moisturize

  • Can't think of any right now...

bifesta makeup remover
To better see for yourself how this product works, check out this quick video demo I made for you! Hope you like and hope you can subscribe to my channel for updates on new videos. Thank you!!! :)

Sunday, January 25, 2015

white on white ensemble = top picks + topics

Happy Sunday folks! 
Here's a simple outfit that most body types can pull off. It's comfortable, affordable yet still chic and bang on trend.

Minimalism will always be one of my favorite looks. Pretty timeless since there's not much really to criticize?! Unless maybe you encounter a color fanatic? But ten years from now, when you look back at old photos, you're still most probably gonna look decent. 

Breaking down the outfit:

Not counting the bag, this entire head to toe ensemble cost me only 2k!
top - don't exactly remember how much cause I got it sometime ago at SM Dept Store but guaranteed not more than P500.
white boyfriend jeans - bought on sale at American Eagle for P1200
mandals - P500 at SM Parisian

Total cost of this look: Roughly around P2200/$50 or less.

And lastly, sorry if the photos are a bit pixelated today, had to crop crop crop! :P

white boyfriend jeans street style
hermes herbag street style
Oh and before I forget!!! Almost did! About my blog post title: Just wondering what you guys want me to write about? Is there anything particularly interesting to you that you might want me to tackle? Will really appreciate the input! Thank you :)

photos by Dennis Sy

sm dept store cami | american eagle white boyfriend jeans | sm parisian mandals | lacoste watch

Saturday, January 24, 2015

shopping the sm shoe city sale + haul


If you wanna see the awesome finds that await you at SM Shoe City, read on...but grab some tissues first because it's beautifulllll....hahaha

SM Shoe City is located at the 4th floor of SM Makati and is home to over 25,000 styles of shoes! YES, 25,000!!!!!

It's enough to turn anyone ga-ga! 

Ready? Get Set, Shop!

Took photos of some of my favorite finds along with some shots of fellow blogger friends caught in the act of hoarding:

Jeffrey Campbell will always be a favorite but what immediately caught my eye were these black and white pumps from L.A.M.B. that I've been lusting over since last year (truth! see here). They were still a bit too expensive for me then (15k!) but it's on sale now for only 4k!!!! (J. Lo owns the same pair by the way.) Cannot let a deal like this slip away. Cannot.

Good things really come to those who wait.

Fellow bloggers Patricia Prieto, Angela Nepomuceno and Jackie Go with their choice picks from Jeffrey Campbell and Badgley Mischka:

This is the Jeffrey Campbell boot you see Patricia holding. Gorgeous, noh?

Also like this odd marriage between a sneaker and a brogue...

I think it's a perfect shoe for traveling:

TONS of pretty sandals in all the colors, textures, materials and styles you can imaging for the upcoming summer months!

tip: look for genuine leather pairs that are now on sale for only P1k+

Like these gorgeous beauties by Dolce Vita which I'm currently contemplating on wether or not I should make another visit to SM Shoe City to get them...

Lovebirds Seph Cham and Trice Nagusara:

Tita's of Manila style shopping with my very own "assistant". :P I kinda went over-budget again but I couldn't help it. The deals were too good to refuse. :((

I just had to close my eyes and hand over my card. No regrets though...:P

If you're on the lookout for a nice pair of comfy, plain pumps that you can actually walk in, Parisian has a lot of choices for under 1k!

There's some printed ones too!

Get these to spruce up a plain ensemble.

Also spotted pretty mom-to-be Kelly Misa getting her shoe-fix on...doesn't look pregnant at all, right?

The minimalist pair of sandals she's trying on are from Jeffrey Campbell. Can't go wrong with a nude sandal like that. It'll go with everything! :)

There you go! There's LOTS more to choose from.

You've got to make a special trip to SM Makati and head over to the 4th floor soon to get your dream pair at unbeatable sale prices while they might still have your size.

Run, run, run I tell ya!!!

Throughout all the pandemonium, I still managed to haphazardly make up my mind and pick these 3:

What you think? Did I make the right choices? :) 
(I still want so much more. :(( hahahaha)

For first dibs, connect with SM Shoes and Bags on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Friday, January 23, 2015

where to buy cheap designer handbags

Designer Bags are a girls best friend next to diamonds. Even if I am a self-confessed "shoeholic", I would still rather invest more money on a bag rather than a pair of shoes for the simple reason that they last longer and if I tire of them, I can still pretty much sell them for a premium as long as they're still in good condition.

I'm not even going to try and justify the reasons behind spending several month's salaries worth on something that just functions as a hold-all and arm candy. If you're not into it, you just wouldn't understand. Men especially. It's just a secret among like-minded women. :P

If it's your first time to purchase and you're trying to justify it as an investment, sorry to burst your bubble but no, that ship has gone and sailed unless you have a trained eye to spot the "next big thing". Case in point: the Celine luggage series which has almost doubled in price since its first release.

But investing in designer bags as something to re-sell takes all the fun out of owning one unless you do it "professionally". If you're looking to fetch a premium price later on, you need to be extra careful of scratches, discolorations and the like.

I can't imagine going out daily and having to worry about where I set my bag.

They're pricey but they're there to use, abuse and love which is why it it most important to be 100% in love with it before you make your big purchase,

Having said all that, here's how you can score a good deal on a designer bag.

For US brands like Coach and Kate Spade, you can get them at 70% off or more at outlets or online.

When buying European brands such as Prada, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, etc, it's cheaper to purchase in Europe: Rome, Paris, etc.

Or you can catch a sale in Hong Kong if you want the entire "boutique experience".

If you don't really care about getting it in a store, your best bet would be to buy online. That's my favorite method. Instagram to be specific. There are certain legit accounts that buy abroad and sell them really cheap. Think P10,000-P20,000 off the store price, sometimes, even more.

Just be careful as there are many who try to pass of Class A replicas as legit and these are really, really difficult to tell apart from the authentic.

To look for sellers in Instagram: 

Try searching for these hashtags: #givenchyph (or add the code for your country) #onlinebagseller #designerbagsph #celinebagph etc. You get the drift...
Also, you can search for usernames with these words: (most of them have names that contain luxe, bag, designer bag, posh, chic, etc)

BEFORE YOU MAKE YOUR PURCHASE: RESEARCH! Check the sellers account, check other accounts, how many followers, feedback if any. Try to schedule a meet-up rather than have your bag shipped to you as a precaution to avoid getting ripped off. If meeting up is not an option, ask for detailed photos of the bag to make sure that what you plan to buy is on-hand and ready to ship. Lastly, a lot of these online sellers have small, physical boutiques where you can check the bags before buying them.

If you don't mind a little wear and tear, why not consider buying 2nd hand? With less than P20k, you'll be able to purchase a monogram Louis Vuitton in good condition.

Where to buy 2nd hand? There's lots of options nowadays. You can try foreign sites such as Yoogi's Closet or Shop Hers. Locally, there's BagAHolic (which I find overpriced but they carry a lot of options), there's also Michka (fewer options but better quality and price points. They also sell brand new). Or you can try visiting those designer bag cleaners/restoration services like Doctor Leather. They usually sell some 2nd hand and brand new bags. And of course, my favorite: Instagram, just search the same hashtags I mentioned above. A lot of the sellers have brand new and 2nd hand bags in stock. Or you can also try searching for #preloveddesignerbagsph :))

Just always remember, if it's too cheap and sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Check current market prices of your desired bag as well so you have a rough bench-point mark to compare.

There you go, hope you find this helpful. Enjoy!!! :)
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