Friday, August 22, 2014

IPL laser hair removal at YSA skin and body experts

Do you recall my first post about laser hair removal? (You can read about it here). I got a Groupon for 6 sessions of Diode Laser Treatments for my underarms at Vigen. It didn't cost much but 6 sessions definitely wasn't enough to seal the deal and I later found out that the machine they were using was a portable one intended for home use. It wasn't any bigger than a hairdryer. Somehow that fact made it feel less legit.

Don't get me wrong though, I lost some hair growth but not completely.

After my 6 sessions were up, I decided to try the IPL (intense pulsed light) laser hair removal treatment at YSA Skin and Body experts instead. 

It was so different from Vigen, definitely 100% more legit which made me feel 100% more at ease.

First of all, there is an actual IPL room and not just a screened off enclosure PLUS the apparatus they used was an actual machine and not just some portable handheld device. Also, a registered and well-trained nurse performs the procedure (not the receptionist or just anyone present who happens to be free).

Hmmm, what else...

Aside from removing unwanted hairs, IPL is also supposed to help treat:

  • imperfections from sun damage and photo aging
  • enlarged pores
  • rosacea
  • general redness and acne scars
  • dull complexions and other facial imperfections
  • birthmarks
  • unsightly veins and other blemishes

Just like at Vigen, I had the treatment done on both my upper lip and underarms.


You will first be asked to put on protective eyewear.
And then the nurse will numb the area to be treated with ice. This is the most unpleasant part of the procedure. You won't really feel anything from the actual laser but the super cold ice on your armpits can sting a bit. Tolerable though. You can try applying ice to your armpit first at home to see if you can handle it, if you can, then you have nothing to worry about.

Once the area is numb, the nurse will begin your IPL treatment.
While the treatment was ongoing, she kept asking me how I was holding up, if I was beginning to feel any pain or discomfort. I didn't feel any but her constant care and concern definitely helped relax me and keep my nerves at ease.

During the laser treatment, expect to smell burning hair. Once you're done, voila! Hair free and it's been this way for 3 weeks already. Woot! Going back for my next treatment on Friday. I think I only need a couple more and then I'm 100% done.

ps. You might feel a slight sting afterwards, similar to sunburned skin. Don't worry, it's completely normal and only lasts for awhile. :)

Verdict: IPL Laser Hair Removal at YSA Skin and Body Experts produces quick and above average results. If you want to get the job done right away, book an appointment with them!

Here's where it gets better!
Book this month and enjoy 60% off on all services!

For more info, contact YSA Skin and Body Experts at 635-7883 or 632-9068
or visit: for a complete list of branches and services.

For first dibs on promos, connect socially with YSA via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@ysaskinandbodyexperts, @ysabyzen)

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ni-Qua: holiday 2014 collection

Why have I been wasting my money on synthetic leather bags?! 

It's not anymore cause it's cheaper...

That's the painful truth I learned at the  Holiday 2014 collection preview for Ni-Qua yesterday.

I have been on the hunt for a perfect genuine leather everyday tote for awhile now (perfect meaning affordable :P), I was desperate enough that I even took to Facebook for some suggestions. I received many but most were above my budget especially for online shopping. When it comes to real leather, I prefer to smell and feel the bag in person first before shelling out cash (also in part due to its (usually) hefty price tag, I want to make sure I get value for my money).

As they say, good things come to those who wait. I received the Ni-Qua invite some weeks ago and RSVP'd without really knowing what to expect. At first I thought they were something like Zalora or Lazada but no. :P
When I arrived at Nail Tropics for a pamper session plus an exclusive preview of their Holiday collection, I was more than pleased to learn that they are actually a brand of leather goods: shoes, bags, wallets even accessories and some clothes! (yay!)

Not only that, their merchandise was also priced significantly cheaper than their counterparts. Amen, prayer answered! :)

Instead of settling down for a foot spa like the others, I immediately set about looking for my dream bag. It did not take long before I found it...

With all their bags priced between P700 and P3000, I could choose whichever I wanted without feeling guilty...and I just have to say...they all felt fantastic...gorgeous buttery leather and they all smelled sooo good too!

But my favorites of the bunch would have to be the Manico (only P2595 for the medium) and Paper Bag Tote (P2995):

Ni-Qua Manico in Black
It would've taken me ages to decide between the two but since I have been looking for a tan bag,
I decided to settle with this Manico:

(I'm so happy with my purchase! The leather is gorgeous and the bag itself is pretty light for a genuine leather bag. I tend to bring a lot of stuff  so a lightweight bag is VERY important to me):

Ni-Qua Manico in Tan Leather - P2595
(But I still plan on getting me a Paper Bag Tote when they come out with new colors soon! :P)

Ni-Qua Paper Bag Tote - P2995
ni-qua bayong bags and kids bags start at just P700
Another to look out for is the "Stillum" bag from their Holiday 2014 collection which will be released this September:

small Manica - P1500
The Stillum comes in 2 types of leather and the body of the bag is purchased separately from the straps so you can customize the look of your bag! (fantastic-nesss). Choose between:
  • Soft leather (like the red one below; only P1595 for the body)
  • Structured leather (like the black one below; only P1895 for the body)
  • or a large nylon body for just P750!
Straps are priced at:
  • P1250 for the long handle in calf hair and P995 for the short
  • P850 for a long handle in leather and P650 for the short
*throw in an extra P200 and get your bag monogrammed!

ni-qua "stillum" bag
niqua manico medium when worn
If you're more into small bags, get a small Manico for just P1500 or watch out for these clutches which will be sold at just P1395!

niqua holiday 2014 clutches
Aside from bags, Ni-Qua also carries pretty ballet flats, wallets, and other small accessories that will make perfect gifts this Christmas (hint-hint: monogrammed leather clutches anyone? prices start at just P650! for real leather, crazy I know, but it's true)

These are just some of the many reasons why I am so smitten with Ni-Qua.
Don't miss out, check out their website at:

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

watsons bath to basics + giveaway!

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Love your body. Love yourself.
This is the message that Watsons wanted to relay to us during the Bath To Basics spa party event held at Neo Day Spa in BGC a few days ago:

We all lead busy lives and I keep my  bath regimen  short and simple to make time for other tasks at hand. I don’t see my bathroom as a sanctuary but more as a workstation where I need to get things done as quickly as possible. 
This attitude and routine of mine often sets the pace for my day which almost always ends up rushed to  borderline stressful.
By changing our attitude and learning how to give ourselves a  little more time to indulge in a pampering ritual  at the start of our day, we immediately shift our mindset from stressed to refreshed and efficient.

To give us more tips on how to make the most out of our time in the shower as well as to educate us on the many benefits we can enjoy by boosting our bathing ritual, a guest speaker was invited by Watsons.
Ms. Olen Lim gave us an entertaining talk about bathroom styling and how taking care of ourselves daily works wonders for boosting our  morale and over-all health and skin situation. According to her, looking good always equates to feeling great.
She also debunked some popular old-wives tales about bathing such as the belief that girls shouldn’t take showers during their period. (wait, what?! :P)
I can’t imagine myself practicing that especially on red days when I feel most icky but apparently there’s still quite a handful of women who do.  And I’m sorry to break it to you sweetheart but the only reason this practice came about was because bathing used to be a communal thing and understandably, nobody wanted to see the sight of menstruation around them while taking a bath so women with their period were banned from the public pools during their cycle.

After our talk, it was time to put theory into action by indulging in a body scrub using Watsons body care products:

Can I just say this whole new regimen really works? 
After my scrub, I felt so relaxed and my mind was so clear and open. It felt like my brain did a really good exercise which allowed optimum circulation and alertness. A couple of skills that came in handy for the next leg of the event which was a shopping challenge at a nearby Watsons store.

Our challenge was to shop as many Watsons Bath and Body products as we could with a P1000 budget in under 15 minutes. 
That’s a time cap. Usually, when there are time caps involved my mind engages into “combat mode” but this time it didn’t. I was relaxed as a pea but still managed to complete my task with flying colors and LOTS of time to spare.

This is what totally made me realize the truth behind Watsons new Bath To Basics campaign.

I highly suggest you try it yourself, you don’t need to do it everyday, just make sure you try to squeeze it in a few times a week especially on exceptionally stressful days.
And don’t worry about budget, to support their new Bath To Basics campaign, Watsons has come up with exciting promos to encourage us to upgrade  our grooming and bathing habits!

A great example is of this is their Hand Soap promo. SM Advantage card holders get a FREE 750ml limited edition hand soap for every P400 receipt which includes a participating product. Don’t have an advantage card? Just spend P100 more to enjoy the same reward or get freebies from well-loved brands such as Dove, A Bonne’, Nivea, Gluta-C, Moringa-O2, Asian Secrets, Erase and Jao Ming, Yoko, Cosmo Skin, Cetaphil, and GlutaMAX!

There’s always more to look good and feel great with Watsons!

Especially now with this special giveaway!

Win your very own Watsons Bath To Basics Pampering Kit!

All you need to do is...

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Good Luck!

converse fall 2014 collection launch

Headed back to the Converse headquarters yesterday for a preview of their Fall 2014 collection...Guess what met me there? Me! (ha-ha)

Do you remember this post where I was talking about being one of 300 recipients around the world to receive a "special Converse box" for a chance to  participate in their "Proudly Imperfect" What Would Sneakers Do global campaign?

Only a few were chosen and guess what? I made the cut! 

I am quite self-conscious and try to avoid focusing attention towards myself as much as possible but I'm willing to make an exemption for this. I am proud of this achievement especially because its Converse, a brand I've been in love with since forever. :P

converse proudly imperfect campaig
I was told that they basically turn the chosen photos into a collage and regularly switch things up for a different look each time. During the Fall 2014 launch, my photo was at the bottom corner. :P

converse sneakers would campaig
Kk, enough about me. The Converse Fall 2014 collection is just as exciting! :P

The new releases feature updated silhouettes and elevated detailing as well as a new weatherized Chuck Taylor perfect for Manila's bi-polar rainy weather...

converse fall 2014
Here's what you should look out for:

Collaborations with Black Sabbath and contemporary menswear designer John Varvatos for the All-Star Chuck Taylor line, a Tri-Zip collection which utilizes premium suede, sparkle washed canvas, zippers and leather zipper pulls for a whole new take on our beloved Chucks:

chuck taylor black sabbath
john varvatos converse
And here's the weatherized Rubber Chuck Taylor's I was talking about earlier. It's the same pair they sent me for the campaign and it is a genius and more wearable version of the rain boot. Not only do they weigh significantly less, they are also a lot easier to pull off and look stylish in. 

Plus points, they also come in Kids Sizes! :)

Retail price is P3750

rubber chuck taylor
Not to be left behind are the new designs from the Cons and Jack Purcell line:

The new CONS are awesome and to me, they are like the epitome of the perfect urban boot. Guys would look great in these with their pants tucked in. Can also imagine them on the feet of Kanye West and those who sport similar personal style.

converse what would sneakers do in the rain
converse what would sneakers do
converse shoes are boring wear sneakers 
The preppier set will love the new Purcell's which come in distressed versions and leather. A great match with shorts or khaki's for days both on and off the yacht :P Collared sport shirt optional.
jack purcell 2014
The Converse Fall 2014 Collection is now available in all Converse boutiques nationwide.

for more info connect with Converse Philippines on Facebook

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

kidz gear headphones for kids review

My daughter is always on her iPad watching Nickelodeon reruns on YouTube or playing games. Are your kids the same way? Do they also usually do this the most while they're sitting beside you on the couch or in the car?

I don't mind the precious company but the noise can get pretty irritating especially when the volume is on real high and I'm trying to follow a program or listen to something on the radio.

This was the birth of me introducing her to headphones. Since then, she's always had a pair that she takes along with her in her tiny backpack along with her iPad. Life has been so much more harmonious since then but not exactly easy on the pocket. So far, she has broken 3 with an average price of about 2k each. Ouch!

Having said that, let me introduce you to Kidz Gear:

Kidz Gear is a line of headphones made especially for kids!
  • it features  KidzControl volume limit technology that keeps decibel levels at a safe 80-90 so they don't ruin their hearing...we all know how they want everything LOUD :P
  • it's priced at just P1190 
  • lightweight with smaller earmuffs that fit them perfectly
  • comes in 5 eye-catching colors (pink, purple, blue, green, orange)
  • has a lengthy 1.5 meter cord
  • lifetime warranty

Even though it's priced way less than an average pair of decent headphones, the sound is just as impressive....very important especially for kids who love to compare..."Mommy, why doesn't it sound the same as yours?" :P

With Kidz Gear, they won't really be able to tell the difference.

The volume control also comes with a clip that you can attach to their shirts or pockets:

And I love that the jack is slim and able to snugly fit into the earphone port without having to take the protective case off my smartphone:

Here's my reluctant model who wouldn't keep still wearing her purple Kidz Gear headphones on:

Notice how it fits like a glove around her head? It doesn't slip off and according to her "It's more comfortable to wear and I love the color".

Kidz Gear can be used with almost any device that supports headphones (each box comes with an adapter in case you have a larger port). It's great for kids aged 2 years and up and I love how it allows me to gift her with the best of both worlds: A "toy" that functions just like its adult version but with a price tag I can afford. :)

Get your own pair of Kidz Gear headphones at Digital Walker and Beyond The Box boutiques.

Kidz Gear is distributed in the Philippines by Digits Trading.
 For more info on Kidz Gear and their other products, connect with Digits Trading on Facebook.


Monday, August 18, 2014

win 250k from homme et femme!

I wouldn't normally blog about something like this but this is just too good an opportunity to pass up....You never know...

Homme Et Femme is having a raffle right now where you get to win P250,000 to spend any way you like at their store...

With that amount of money you can get a Celine Luggage Tote, A Rocco, both or whatever else delicious designer goodie you want...

Gaaaah right? So please please join!

Join the raffle here -
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Thank you thank you thank you and good luck to all of us!


the bistro group's lunch-to-go

Business Meetings, Birthday Lunches, Picnics, Maids on Day-Off, these are just few of the many occasions when a packed lunch comes in handy.

Plus points if its delicious and affordable.

And that's exactly what The Bistro Group's new Lunch To Go is.

They have made your favorite dishes from TGIFriday's, Village Tavern, Italliani's and Krazy Garlik easily available to you anywhere you want it and cheaper too! Think P195-P250! That's substantially less than what we usually pay for a decent meal nowadays.

And for the whole month of August, enjoy a Buy 5 Take 1 promo. 
(Get 1 free packed lunch for every 5 ordered.) That would roughly make each meal cost about P165 only.

bistro group lunch to go
What do you get for P200? Some of the most delicious packed lunches I've ever tried and in substantial portions too. Enough to fill even a man's belly.

I got to sample some Lunch TO GO dishes from Village Tavern which included the Panko Crusted Fish Fillet, Chicken Tacos, Blackened Chicken Alfredo and the Fish Portofino.

Our favorites of the bunch were the:
 Panko Crusted Fish Fillet which has a pleasant citrus flavor and is served over a bed of flavored rice and French green beans on the side.

Chicken Tacos - breaded chicken in a soft taco shell with a unique (and very delicious) salsa, served along with flavored rice and french green beans. It's a bit like a deconstructed, lightweight burrito (my most favorite of all 4)

Fish Portofino - the perfectly cooked noodles and delicious marinara sauce was what did it for me.

lunch to go panko crusted fish fillet
lunch to go chicken tacos
lunch to go blackened chicken alfredo
lunch to go fish portofino
3 out of 4.
Not bad, and the only reason why I didn't include the alfredo in my list is a matter of personal preference. I'm not much into white sauce but in fairness to the dish, the chicken breast + noodles was perfectly cooked and seasoned and the sauce was pretty good too. If you're into bechamel, this is worth a try.

fridays lunch to go
Verdict: YES. We love Village Tavern and usually pay much more for a meal good for 3 (around P1500 up), having to pay only half of that to have our fill is already a good bargain for me. :)

For Village Tavern orders, call 621-3245

At TGIFriday's, their Lunch TO GO options include: Jack Daniel's Chicken Bites, Chicken Pesto Cream Pasta, Cajun Fish Wraps and Cajun Chicken. 
To order, visit their Glorietta 3 branch or call 752-7685.

For Krazy GarliK, choose between: Tofu & Eggplant with Garlik Rice, Fried White Fish and Cream Sauce with Garlik Rice, Fettucine Oriente with Sourdough, 40 Kloves Chicken with Garlik Rice and BBQ Riblets with Garlik Rice.
To order, visit Krazy Garlik's Greenbelt 5 branch or call 501-3753/52

Italliani's: Spaghetti Pomodoro and Chicken Breast, Herb Roasted Chicken with Rice, Parmesan Crusted Fish Fillet with Rice, and Crispy Pork Ribs with Rice.
To order, visit their Greenbelt 2 branch or call 7280283

For more info and dibs on exciting promos and giveaways, connect with THE BISTRO GROUP on Facebook

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