Monday, March 5, 2012

Multiply Shopping Money Giveaway!

Who doesn't like to shop???
In celebration of my recent Shop at Multiply feature, Shop at Multiply, in cooperation with yours truly, will be giving away shopping money to three lucky readers! YESSSSS! Shop for free ladies! 
I just went shopping myself! Check out what I purchased:

a lovely neon green satchel that is soooo summer ready! love it! :)

I know you're fingers are starting to get itchy and you wanna start shopping yourself, so here's how you can win free shopping money from Multiply to spend any way you like!

All you have to do is fill up the rafflecopter form and leave a comment below with your name, GFC name, FB share URL and email address so I can contact you if you win.
a Rafflecopter giveaway Return to this form everyday and tweet to up your chances of winning! Good Luck!


Almon Sarei Arriola said...

name: Almon Sarei Arriola
GFC name: Almon Sarei Arriola
FB share URL:
email address:

Maria said...

Babe, the form is not working.. it redirects to the rafflecopter site. :)

ladymishel said...

Name: Michelle Ame
GFC name: Ladymishel
FB share:
email: michelle_ej08[at]yahoo[dot]com

Czjai Reyes-Ocampo said...

Czjai Reyes-Ocampo
GFC name: Czjai Reyes-Ocampo

charmaigne grace said...

charmaigne grace gepana
gfc- charmaigne grace

fashioneggpplant said...

@maria, i tried it na, seems to work fine here, pls email me if you still cant. thanks! :)

rhaindropz said...

name: Rhania Escueta-Chang
GFC name: rhaindropz
FB share URL:
email address:

Lei said...

Leah Gonzalez
Lei (GFC)
@leahgonz (twitter)

Jen Destura said...

Jen Destura
Twitter: @jendestura
FB/GFC: Jen Destura

Jen Destura said...

Oops, forgot to include this!

ddenz11♥ said...

Name: Denzyll Jade Arcaya
GFC Name: ddenz11<3
FB Shared URL:

Tanya Santiago said...

name: Svetlani Santiago
GFC name: Tanya Santiago
FB share URL:
email address:

kristina marie said...

name: Kristina Marie Letada
GFC name: kristina_168
FB share URL:
email address:

Marie Castro said...

Marie Danicia Castro
GFC and FB: Marie Castro
mariemagical_23 at

czaroma said...

Name: Czaroma Roman
GFC: czaroma
Email: cza[dot]roman at yahoo dot com

Janine M. said...

Name: Janine Monasterial
GFC name: Janine M.
FB share URL:

email address: ninmonster at rocketmail dot com

June Izabelle Roque said...

Name: June Izabelle Roque
GFC: June Izabelle
FB share:

jared's mum said...

name: vix parungao
GFC name: jared's mum
FB share URL:
email address: vixdotparungaoatgmaildotcom

anschluss_phau23 said...

name: Paula Palo Panlaqui
GFC name: anschluss_phau23
FB share URL:
email address:

ana monica ayungao said...

GFCname: anaayungao
FB share URL :


Zeti Cuenca said...

Joined! :)
Name: Marie Lyzette Cuenca
GFC name: Zeti Cuenca
FB share URL:
Email address:

itin said...

name: itin

GFC name: itin

FB share URL:

email address:

looovetoshop said...

name: Tristell Dy
GFC name: Love To Shop
FB share URL:
email address:

looovetoshop said...

name: Tristell Dy
GFC name: Love To Shop
FB share URL:
email address:

Aik said...

Name: Aik

GFC: Aik

Twitter: @aikchien

Tweet link:!/aikchien/status/176663582073831424

FB Share:

aikychien at yahoo dot com

Mimi said...

Name: Camile Flores
GFC: Mimi
FB Share:

Tara said...

name: Tara Cagadoc
GFC : Tara Cagadoc
FB :!/permalink.php?story_fbid=188016821301480&id=100003465430941
email address : tara(dot)cagadoc(at)gmail(dot)com

notyourordinaryteacher said...

Name: Camille Quiambao
Facebook: Vintagekawaii Onlineshop
Twitter: @quiam
GFC: notyourordinaryteacher

jhenz balatico said...

name: jenifer balatico
fb name: jenifer santander balatico
twitter name: @itsme_JHENZtine
GFC name: jhenz balatico
fb post:
tweet link:!/itsme_JHENZtine/status/176684841251774464

Mayee M. said...

Name: Merlinda Manalo
GFC name: Mayee M.
FB share URL:
Email address:

Analyn Alonsagay said...

Analyn Alonsagay
GFC : Analyn
FB :

Lourdes Espanol said...

Name: Lourdes D. Espanol
GFC name: Malou
FB share URL:

tala said...

name: Crystal Marie Cañete
fb name: Tala Glarian Cañete
twitter name: @dearcrysy
GFC name: Crysy
fb post:
tweet link:!/dearcrysy/status/176703469158281216

Mizi said...

Mirzi Sarte
GFC: mizi_heatherfield
Email: mizi_heatherfield(at)yahoo(dot)com
FB Share:
Tweet Link:!/mizichic/status/176712937581461504

Andrea C. said...

Name: Andrea Comia
GFC Name: Andrea C.
FB link:

Carol Ong said...

Name: Carol Ong
GFC Name: Carol Ong
FB share:

email address:

Kath said...

Name: Katherine Rose Rivera
GFC: Kath
FB Link:

Bea Perez said...

Name: Bea Perez
GFC name: Bea Perez
FB share url:
Email: beaperez0212 at yahoo dot com

Vina Yabut said...

Marie Lyn Vina Yabut
GFC Vina Yabut :D

Rachel Canales said...

name: Rachel Canales
GFC: rachel canales
email :
Fb Name: Rachel Rebollido Canales
Twitter : @rachelchi_beybe
FB share:
tweet link:!/rachelchi_beybe/status/176977969900830720

Mariella Vasquez said...

Name: Mariella Vasquez
GFC: Yelahhh V.
FB Share URL:

Thea C. said...

GFC / FB Name: Thea Castillo
Twitter: @limechartreuse
FB Share:!/limechartreuse/posts/251159788306171


myrtle said...

name: myrtle alaiza garcel
GFC name: myrtle
FB share URL:
email address:

Monique Rustia said...

Monique Rustia

11gHiEsZeLLe07 said...

Name: Gizzele Alfonso
GFC: 11ghieszelle07
fb post:

Hezron Peralta said...

Name: Hezron M. Peralta
GFC: Hezron Peralta
fb post:

Regine Advincula said...

Name: Regine Joy S. Advincula
Gfc: Regine Advincula

ju cruz said...

love your picks! :)

marjulis cruz
gfc ju cruz
fb ju divina cruz
posted on fb

jen said...

Name: Jeniffer Gangan
GFC: Jeny Gangan
FB share:
Email: jeny_gangan[at]yahoo[dot]com

Clarice Anne Villarante said...

Name: Clarice Anne Villarante
GFC Name: Clarice Villarante (thru Twitter)
FB share url:

Lilli Abatayo said...

name: Lilli Elizabeth Abatayo
GFC name: Lilli Abatayo
FB share URL:
email address:

mhoie1325 said...

name: Ma. Elinor Semira
GFC name: Elinor Semira
FB share URL:
email address: elinorsemira0124(at)gmail(dot)com

jakie and the beadstalk said...

name-jannell cajote
gfc nam -jaja
fb -
twitter -!/jayarcy/status/177717365226741760
email ad- jcajote(at)gmail(dot)com

Sammy Samson said...

Rosemarie Samson
GFC: Sammy Samson

Paula said...

Ma. Catherine Paula Dela Cruz
Twitter: @katriane018
GFC: Paula Dela Cruz
FB: Paula Conese Dela Cruz
FB Post:

fatchoi said...

Julie Christie Tan
GFC: Julie Christie
Email add:

veta said...

name: Venos
GFC: veta
FB share URL:
email address:

Trending Giveaways said...

name: carmi compasivo
GFC: trending giveaways
FB share:
email address:

Kristen said...

Name - Kristen Zerna
GFC name - Kristen Zerna
FB share URL -
Email address -

Zelle ♥ said...

Hazel Uri
GFC: Zelle ♥
email: hazeluri(at)yahoo(dot)com
twitter: @halfunread

i joined :)

Mish Rendon said...


FB/GFC: Mish Rendon
Twitter @superstarmishie
FB Share:

salmoncat said...

salmoncat, salmoncat2010(at)yahoo(dot)com,

NaThalia Vergara said...

Name: Anna Thalia Calicdan
GFC name: Thalia Vergara
FB share URL:
Email address:

Reisha Davadilla said...

name: reisha davadilla
GFC name: reisha davadilla
FB share URL:
email address: reishadavadilla008 (at) gmail (dot) com