Crossing Over

a crane is said to bear the souls of the departed to the heavens...

A dear old friend of mine passed away very recently. He was part of a small group of friends I grew up with from 7th grade til college. Sadly, he didn't die from an illness or your typical car accident. He "fell" of the balcony of their building.

I got very distraught. More so than when yet another childhood friend passed on earlier this year. It's quite scary. It almost feels like an installment of "Final Destination".

I always saw him as the baby of our group since he was much younger and would just be hanging out with us cause his brother was a part of the clique. I am going to miss him. He used to have eyes that sparkled with such an eagerness to explore the world.

Life is really short and can be taken away from you anytime as quick as a carpet pulled from under your footing. All these recent deaths made me realize that there is simply not enough time to waste on hatred and jealousy. The little time we have here should be spent at peace, living for others and making sure you'll be ready anytime death knocks on your door. No regrets.