Grocery Shopping On A Scorching Hot Day

Today was blistering hot! But, we were out of milk, bleach, conditioner, vegetables and a few other essentials, so, no choice but to go out.
You must understand how hot it gets. The heat is so intense that it penetrates your skull and gets into your head. Literally! It takes so much energy to move that on a hot day like this, all you would really want to do is stay in an air-conditioned room and pray you don't have to leave it 'til nightfall.
But like all normal people, I have certain responsibilities and a baby to boot (a toddler actually). The only thing worse than braving the heat of the streets is a crying child at night. My daughter freaks out when she runs out of milk!
So, hit the streets I did and this is what I wore:

  • Ray-Ban Wayfarers in two-tone red and black
  • Black and White Cotton Shift-dress from SM Dept. Store (about P700 about $15)
  • Fred Perry Scooter Shoes
  • Assorted Bangles from Bazaars (P100 about $2)
  • Lapis Lazuli and Moonstone Ring from Bazaar (P500 for both/ $11)
  • Big Tan Shoulder Bag - Prada