I Heart Topshop

Ever since Topshop hit our shores back in '98 if I can remember right, I have always been a religious follower of the label. The clothes at Topshop have such a strong personality and the styles they come up with are au currant without trying too hard. The fabrics they use are of great quality and the fit is just awesome! Being tiny, I especially adore their line dedicated solely to petites. This was unheard of in our country before the invasion of the British brand.

Kids today take for granted that they have so many choices when it comes to clothing. There's no trouble at all in finding an outfit to express a particular mood, mindset or phase. Back when I was growing up in the nineties, it was extremely difficult for us to find a pair of jeans that would fit great, let alone get our hands on the much coveted flannel shirt of the time in a cut fit especially for ladies or juniors as we were back then.

The opening of Topshop Rockwell a couple years back became one of the reasons for my being broke all the time. Their addition of a shoe bar is all a shoe addict like me needs to go running to the bank and withdraw the majority of my hard-earned savings. Topshop shoes are priced like Nine West but come in braver, more cutting-edge designs and unlike most of their competitors in the "trendy" shoe business, their pairs are made with good quality materials. You really get what you pay for. Especially when they're on sale!!!

I was in Rockwell yesterday to return some clothes and shoes I used for a recent photo shoot. En route to the store, I passed Topshop which I can never resist passing by. I dropped in for awhile and saw a sign that said 20% off on shoes!!! Ayyyeee! Found some gorgeous brown cowboy boots that are simply to die for! Here's a pic in a similar style. I'll upload a pic of the actual boot soon...they're much better looking than these! ;)