Party Crashers

My daughter often sleeps at my mom's place on Saturdays for grandma-baby bonding. Usually, my husband and I use this time alone to get some rest, relax at home and recuperate from a tiring week. However, last Saturday, we heard from a friend that a friend of a friend was having a party at a condo a few buildings away from ours.

We already had a bit of liquor in us (cause we came from my uncle's birthday celebration), but apparently not enough. We were low on dough from all the bills but we still wanted to hang out somewhere fun and drink. We needed a cheap fix.

The last time I did this was probably in college...we crashed the party! It was so refreshing and from what you see in the pic, loads of fun. It's awesome to act like a crazy teenager again once in awhile. Everybody should do it at least once a month if not every weekend. =)