Recycled Vintage

(old 80's blazer: neon houndstooth with black velvet sleeves)

I guess I was just really tired yesterday. Maybe I'm not so burnt-out yet, just a little stressed out. I've really been quite anxious to get a call-back from a certain job I'm applying for and really want. Anyway, I woke up this morning with not much to do for a change. Apparently, I'm not used to just sitting around the whole day watching tv anymore so I searched around our condo for materials I could salvage. I came up with an old blazer from the 80's, part of an old corduroy skirt from the 90's, left-over ribbon from a gift, old jewelry and a snake-skin rose pin I've had for ages...after about 4 hours on my Singer, this is what I created: A flap shoulder bag with a chain strap!!! =)
Size is between a 2.55 and Balenciaga city. Obviously I used the blazer to construct the main bag (btw, I left the slit pocket of the original blazer and used it as a cute "secret" back pocket for the bag), old ribbon for trim on flap. Big black velvet button from blazer, hemline of old corduroy skirt for ribbon intertwined with large chain (excess materials from my jewelry making). I just pinned on the snake-skin rose and added an old 3 strand pearl necklace for a "Chanel feel on acid"

Hope you guys like it. Let me know if you want more pics =)