Shoots, Stilettos, Signing Off...

The second half of last week and the first week of this week has been hellish. There were so many things to do with very little time allotted for each task. Me and my husband were constantly on the phone or on the internet communicating with other people, trying to get deals done. Nights were left for sleeping, nothing else. Too tired to watch a movie, have a nightcap, much less hanky-panky.

That leg of the race is almost over. I'm done with my shoot and my husband is on the verge of closing a deal. A new leg has just opened.

To clear my head and calm myself down after almost 8 hours on the road for 12 days rushing from one venue to the next, I decided to whip out my machine and do some sewing. I made three skirts today. 2 black ones, one for me and a smaller matching one for my 3 year old daughter and another one using vintage material I found ages ago at a thrift store. I'm planning to wear one of them for my interview tomorrow. I think they would look cute with a tee, belt, my boyfriend blazer and maybe wedges or flats since my legs hurt from all the running around in stilettos I did yesterday at the Marriott(more on that in another entry...I have to upload pictures to back it up).