Facial Toners and Haniboots

I am not much into skincare and lengthy beauty routines but my sister-in-law is. She's been raving about Korean skin and their 5 step beauty regimens which consist of washing exfoliating, toning, moisturizing and using a mask. Wow, where will I find time and effort to do all that twice a day everyday? However, I have to admit that yes, their skin is radiant and my sister-in-law's skin has also greatly improved so okay, I said I'll give toner a try. So now, I wash, tone(???), and moisturize. I actually enjoy the fresh feeling afterwards and looking at the the dirty bit of cotton after wiping to see all the day's dirt summarized.

My husband is a very curious man and easily gets suckered into whatever I'm currently into. One night, as we were getting ready for bed, he asks to use some of my toner. He loved the fresh feeling as well and started using it daily. I could see the contents quickly dissipating and I went into a slight panic. Skin-care products are quite pricey after all. I told him to go out the following day and buy his own bottle of toner specially made for men.

This is what he came home with:

God help me! It was quite difficult finding a picture of this on the internet, which adds to the mystery of the product. (Also seems like there's no "eskinol.com") But as I said, I'm not that fussy with skincare all the more should he not be. That would make me wonder.

Anyway, he used it for the first time last night. I was in bed ahead of him watching tv and as soon as he slipped in to hug me I caught a strong whiff of the interior of a beaten down, dirty taxi cab. Wooh! That Master smells! I don't care if it works wonders and all, it smells! Reminds me of that "Panther" perfume in the movie Anchorman.

He's still gonna use it. He said we can't let it go to waste. Typical man. But he also said it makes him smell like a "haniboots".

What is a haniboots?

My husband was in Cebu a few years back on business. While there, they met an Australian woman with a Filipino husband. Their pet name for each other was "honeybutch". Why? I don't know. So, the Australian woman would call out to her husband with "honeybutch?" and her husband would answer: "Yes haniboots?" because of his strong Visayan accent.

What does a Haniboots look like?

I wasn't there and I've never seen him but according to my husband, he looked like Manny Pacquiao early in his career (black hair with copper highlights).
My husband and his friends have ever since then turned this term of endearment into an adjective describing any man of any race with the appearance of a macho dancer/male pole dancer.

To be a Haniboots, you must posses all of the following criteria:
  1. a muscular body
  2. wear a tight black wifebeater tucked into tight nut-hugging jeans (jeans usually have over elaborate embroidery and/or more than the average 4 pockets front and back, shredded to bits in unrealistic places)
  3. sport cheesy tattoos e.i. superman logo
  4. sport a "Gardo Versoza" haircut with stupid highlights in your hair that seem to have come from a date with peroxide
  5. smell like Master Eskinol