All Organics Feminine Wash

Heaven in a bottle!

I have read and heard from different people all over that grocery bought feminine washes could actually be more harmful than beneficial to your health. Some OB-GYNEs say that their ph balance is too high and prolonged use could cause various types of infections like uti in mild cases and cervical cancer for more severe cases. I drink a lot of water, I have never in my life experienced uti but I have heard from a lot of people that it hurts. It's something I don't want and need to go through but I also enjoy "feeling fresh down there".

All organics feminine wash makes you feel instantly fresh, clean, cool and protected. You really notice the difference. It may seem a bit pricey to some for feminine wash (P150 a bottle) but it's really worth every penny. You also don't need much. Just push on the pump about 3-4 times, out comes a light foam and that's enough to keep you feeling clean and fresh for several hours.
This is a mUST TRY!