Holy Week In Manila

People from Manila usually head off to the "bundoks" or the beach during Holy Week. I never really did. Maybe I did it once, but I swore that I would never do it again!

It takes you double or triple the time to get there, once you arrive after hours on the road, you're confronted by thousands of other vacationers. During Holy Week, it's like 40% of manilenos migrate to Baguio, another 40% to Boracay, maybe 10% Puerto Galera, 5% other places, 5% stay. So what happens is that you spend a lot of money for this vacation to get away from the strenous city life only to be followed by the same people, traffic and noise you wanted to get away from in the first place.

I prefer to enjoy the quiet city for a week. Revelling in the empty roads...

We just had a good swim, ice cold beer under the scorching sun and some barbecued hotdogs, chicken and pork.