Human Heart Nature Hand & Foot Salve

Human Heart Nature's Banana, Carrot, Propolis Hand & Foot Salve has a beautiful creamy consistency that is almost identical to the much loved whipped butter of Pancake House. It smells delicious (my sister-in-law says it smell like Runts) and it works wonders. This is something you definitely have to try yourself.

It's a steal at P99.95. I am a hand cream afficionado. I used to spend thousands on expensive creams. My favorites WERE Caswell Massey's Rose Hand Cream and L'Occitane's. If I remember right, Caswell's small paint tube used to cost me about P1600 and L'Occitane's large paint tube was about P1200. Despite the hefty price tag, I would still splurge on them. My hands need a lot of care because I am always working with them. Without a good cream, they would crack and have a tendency to get quite rough from all the abuse.

I didn't have high hopes when I purchased HHN's Salve. I honestly didn't expect it to "do the job" since it was so cheap. I just loved the smell and wanted to try it out. On the way home, I opened it up in the car to give it a try. My god was I surprised. Your hands get INSTANTLY soft and smooth just like when I used to use Caswell Massey's. Unbelievable. It works as well as Caswell and is a lot better than L'Occitane's. All for below a hundred!

HHN's Salves are safe for all ages, all natural and use "food-grade" ingredients. 10 thumbs up!!!