I'M BACK and GREEN as ever!!!

I haven't been blogging lately, well, eversince I got back. There's been so much to do! The day after we got back, our maid's brother passed away. So she's on leave for a week. It's been quite an adjustment for us especially now that our household is into "zero-waste". Chores take up a little bit more time but it's definitely fulfilling nonetheless. I can't wait to see our water bill this month. I'm pretty sure that it's gone down quite a bit.

We've been using organic, biodegradable cleaning agents and body care products in our house. I am able to save the water we use from laundry, dishwashing and even baths for watering my plants, cleaning the floor and pet areas.

My compost pile is also growing larger everyday and my plants are loving me for it. This is especially challenging since I live in a condo and I have to do it in containers. I really hope that someday I'll have enough money to move my family into a house with a garden.