Organic Skin Care and Household Products

I have always been a "hippie" at heart. Nature, enjoying it and being close to it, protecting it, has always been something I strongly gravitate to. In the past, "going green" didn't only mean patronizing all organic and "earth-friendly" products and manufacturers, it also meant spending a lot of your hard-earned (money)"green" on skin care and household products. Green products were usually sold in Healthy Options and a bottle of shampoo could cost as much as half your total food grocery bill. That's definitely not practical.

A few days ago I discovered Human Heart Nature. I am so happy I feel like running around in circles and kissing everyone along the way! HHN's products are so affordable and yet they work EXTREMELY WELL!!! I bought several items from them and I'll be making a review for each one over the course of the week but I'll start with their toner first.
Before I found Human Heart Nature, I used to buy Olay. Olay was working okay for me but I felt like it was too harsh on my skin and also a bit pricey for a drugstore brand. So I went back to Watson's searching for an "alcohol-free" toner. The only one they had was by Belo. I grabbed it since it was only P50 a bottle. When I got home and tried it, it felt like my skin was on fire! My upper lip region started to turn red and it stung a lot.

Human Heart Nature's toner is gentle. You will notice this as soon as you wipe it on your face. It has a pleasant, non-evasive smell and boy oh boy does it make your skin look radiant afterwards! The best part is that it's 99.8% all natural and organic, 100% biodegradable, everytime you buy human heart nature products you help our local farmers and gawad kalinga, plus it only costs P99.50 a bottle! Certainly can't be beat and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! I swear it's at par with some of the most expensive toners available!