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For the past two years I have been suffering from chronic abdominal pains. A visit to the hospital and an ultrasound test revealed nothing so I continued to endure the pain while trying to comfort myself with a myriad of hot teas and home treatments. However, a couple of months ago, the pain returned with a vengeance. As opposed to it lasting a day or two in 2 hour intervals, I began experiencing it for 6-8 hours straight for about 5 days of the week with just a measly 30 hour break to catch your breath and brace yourself for the next onset. A friend recommended Buscopan, as opposed as I am to drugstores and pharmaceutical drugs, the pain was just too terrible that I was willing to try whatever it took to make it go away. For the first couple days, Buscopan combined with hot ginger tea worked it's charms. The pain would subside slowly and not come back until the next day.

I realized soon after that ginger tea and Buscopan would not cut it so I decided to have myself checked again. Lo and behold, gallstones in a vegan's body. Huwaw, hooray, TOTALLY UNFAIR!!!

For you to fully understand the gravity of the situation I need to explain to you the kind of pain you experience with gallstone attacks. I am not a stranger to pain. I have experienced childbirth. But gallstone attacks are different. It feels like an alien fetus is growing inside of you at the rate of 1 human fetus month = 15 mins alien growth while at the same time it feels like you've been doing 1000 crunches unable to get back to your relaxed position. It is a constant, dull pain and a strain to all your abdominal muscles.

So anyway, to avoid getting these extremely painfull attacks, there is a special gallstone diet and detox plan that you can follow (for those experiencing the same pains, check this out: ). To summarize things, you cannot eat anything fried, high in cholestorol or fat, no meat, no beans, or anything high in uric acid. Your diet should consist mostly of fruits and vegetables, most especially organic apples, grapes, pears and beets. Your sole source of protein will be coming from tofu and fish caught in cold waters. For more info:

Thankfully, I met Tin-tin Garcia of Emporium Antipolo a few back. Emporium specializes in organic produce at unbelievable prices. Imagine this, a kilo of regular tomatoes from the grocery cost about P40, a kilo of sweet, plump and juicy organic tomatoes from Emporium only cost P45-P50 a kilo. Plus, they deliver twice a week or sometimes more often depending on your demand to ensure you only consume the freshest and healthiest veggies at all times! I must also highly recommend her mushroom burgers. They are to die for and a steal at just P84. She delivers your orders in a "bayong" just like the picture below which you keep until your next order and will be replaced with another bayong. very charming indeed.

So before buying overpriced organic veggies from your local supermarket, think twice. Think emporium. Remember that stress is the most common cause for disease. High prices = High Stress Levels!!!


Junexpress said…
ORGANIC food is one of the keys to healthy living as it is known to contain more vitamins and nutrients to prevent health risks. That's why i usually have an organic food delivered to our little carenderia. Were using organic since we started on business.