A Clever Way To Feed Your Kids Vegetables

If your kid is anything like mine then you would strongly agree with me when I say that just the mere sight of a bundle of kangkong is enough to start them gagging. Its look, texture, and taste just don’t appeal to them the same way a colorful box of chicken nuggets do.

I remember how my parents and grandparents would force me to eat mouth-fulls of the stuff accompanied with threats like: “You cannot leave the table until every last morsel on your plate is devoured.” and “No playing outside until you finish your food!” Life was much easier for them. Nowadays, this kind of table-side behavior is no longer acceptable due to the fact that it was found to be the leading cause of eating disorders. (God bless our elders, they didn’t know any better but we all know they meant well.)

We all want our children to grow up as strong, healthy and confident individuals. But sometimes, it can get really stressful for both us parents and our child. Meal times can resemble battle zones and screaming matches with food all over our clothes, tables and floor. Nothing good comes out of it, just mostly wasted tears and frustrated parents.

The best way to resolve the “vegetable issue” is to disguise them into food our children will want to eat on their own accord.

What do your kids enjoy eating? A little bit of research on your part will do a world of wonders for you and your family. Feeding them their healthy dose of fruits and vegetables doesn’t have to mean your average “ginisang gulay” daily or a banana after meals. You can cook pancit with lots of carrots, baguio beans, bellpeppers, all the vegetables you want! Just make sure you chop them finely and don’t over-cook so their little teeth won’t have a hard time chewing through them and you don’t loose their valuable nutrients. Pasta is also another clever way of easing greens into your kids diet. You can also make squash cakes, ice pops, bread dips, savory soups, omelettes and pizza! The list goes on. If you’re lacking on ideas, visit vegan websites for recipes. They contain a plethora of yummy dishes.

My favorite way of disguising fruits and veggies is by making veggie-fruit shakes. The breakfast of champions! It’s also a great opportunity for you to squeeze in some quality time with your child. My daughter loves making these with me. Since they are so simple and quick to make, a child as young as three or maybe even two, can help out. Another plus to these shakes? You serve your veggies raw which means you pack in all its valuable vitamins and nutrients. Trust me, a 500ml glass of ice-cold refreshing goodness is easier for kids to down than a plate-full of rice and sauteed vegetables.


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