Forgotten Anniversaries

I honestly don't understand what all the fuss is about anniversaries forgotten by husbands and boyfriends. Yes, I know it is a special day to commemorate your love for each other. It is the one day in the year that you have for yourselves to remember that special day when you first "joined forces".

I have been with my partner/fiance/husband for five years now, we just turned five years 5 days ago...apparently....and we've celebrated our anniversary (i think only twice?) in the span of our five year relationship. Not one single time have we fought about it though. Come to think of it, I think we've had...but during those two years that we actually celebrated it. The fight was probably due to the pressure of making plans for that special day and making sure everything was "perfect".

Yes we all want a fairytale life, being a princess saved by a prince from day to day stress. We want someone to take us away from it all, and be successful at it.

That's a big role to play for our partners, not to mention extremely stressful. Don't get me wrong, I love romantic evenings. But I personally prefer them to be spontaneous.

We don't deliberately "forget" our anniversary. We're just not the type of people to keep up with dates....Or I guess dates just don't mean much to us ( which I'm terribly grateful to have found someone just the way I am, in some parts). Once we do get conscious that the current date has passed our anniversary, all we do is smile at each other, give each other a kiss and maybe a bit more and just be thankful that another year passed us by that a breeze.

Anniversaries aren't that important to me, if you care to hear my own humble opinion. Yes i would love to celebrate them (if I remember), but I wouldn't want an extravagant affair. Maybe just have a quiet meal, a movie or a few drinks. Nothing too extravagant that you have to stress out days before about what your going to wear, reservations, and the amount of money you don't have and can't afford but will spend on your partner just to have a "memorable" anniversary gift.

Sometimes, celebrating your anniversary (to me, at least) could be like a sigh of relief....something like: "wow, can't believe we lasted through that year! cheers, and may we have the strength to last another year!" Yes, we all feel that way sometimes but at the end of the day, true and lasting relationships should feel effortless and part of your existence. Nothing out of the extraordinary that YOU HAVE TO CELEBRATE. Yes, of course go out and have fun, if you remember, but if you or your partner fails to keep track of their calenders, don't fret. It's just another day to tick off the rest of the wonderful days you must look forward to spending together in the future.

Try to make a few minutes of your day, everyday, your anniversary!