The Best Chocolate Cakes in Manila

Since I haven't been drinking much lately, my sweet tooth kicked back into action. Here are my top 5 favorite chocolate cakes in Manila. Enjoy with a hot cup of joe.

5. Chocolat's Death by Tablea

at just P80 a slice, this cake sure makes the cut! The taste of tablea against the milk chocolate gives it a certain texture in the mouth that is both smooth and grainy...something like the texture of leftover Milo at the bottom of the glass which is always good and brings me back home to the 80's. about comfort food.

4. Starbucks

Popular cause it's good. The way a traditional chocolate cake must be made. This cake would probably have gotten a higher grade on my list if it didn't come from starbucks...I'm anti-establishment but I cannot resist this one, specially when you can have it almost anywhere at anytime, in my neighborhood alone there are 3 branches all in walking distance from my house.

What I like best about this cake is that it hugs you like an old friend, it feels so familiar and new at the same time that you can't help but revisit it. The cake is moist with just the right touch of sweetness and the icing is both smooth and silky. Very good for something so commercial.

3. The Dome's Chocolate Cake

I hate it when people bake cakes that are overly sweet. The type that gets kids all hyper and out of their minds, waving hands in the air and screaming.

Dome's chocolate cake is actually very similar to Starbucks but maybe not as sweet? I am on the border at this one. All I know is that its good and now you have two options when in Shangri-La. Just look at the picture. Makes me want to get in the car and drive over to Shang.

2. Fleur de Lys' The Next Best Thing

A fine marriage of hot and cold. If there's such a thing as fine dining chocolate cake, ( I don't know, maybe there is? But for me,) this would be it.

The next best thing is like a mousse that had a baby with a chocolate cake and then mommy mousse "prettied" her up with some vanilla ice cream and a chocolate stick.

The cake itself is similar to a chocolate souffle with more substance. It just melts in your mouth. They serve it to you hot/warm with a soft chocolate center (maybe like a lava cake?) with vanilla ice cream. When you have it together, it is the next best thing to you know what and maybe even better on certain days. Depends on your mood. *wink


1. POCO deli's Black Out Chocolate Cake...drool...

I came across this place totally by chance. I used to live in the neighborhood but have moved a few years back. Poco deli is a quaint, hole in the wall delicatessen with a rustic/tuscan vibe. It's small, homey and quiet. Perfect for afternoon coffee.

Their chocolate cake is AWESOME! It's the type of cake that is so good, it will help you get over a break-up or a lost job. First time you try it, you wouldn't know wether to eat it or give it a big hug.

I have been trying to dissect this cake for quite some time, trying to figure out what makes it so good. This is what I have come up with so far: I deduce that it is a combination of super fine (haha, great writing) milk chocolate and dark swiss chocolate. The cake itself isn't very sweet, rather it leans toward the bitter chocolate variety. It is moist and warm. Very, very inviting. I usually end up finishing the entire slice halfway through my cup of coffee. It's icing is silky smooth. A total tongue seducer. It is NOT your ordinary run off the mill chocolate icing. This one speaks class! I think it is made with dark chocolate. All those little kisses on top, the semi-sweet chocolate chips , give it just the right amount of sweetness that you need in a cake. Like a fine woman with a good background. Too much is always tacky.

So this is the un-tackiest cake I have ever tried and it totally deserves the number 1 spot on my list.

If you like cake, YOU MUST TRY THIS! If you find anything better, please let me know.

POCO deli is located in Brgy. Kapitolyo, East Capitol Drive

who can beat bacon topped with more bacon??? bacon steak with bacon rice? saliva overload...

great sausages and cheeses


Anonymous said…
Wow!!! I'm practically salivating!!! Will definitely pay a visit!
Enjoy! bring a friend to drive you in case all the chocolate makes you whoozy! =)
Anonymous said…
The secret in POCO Deli's BlackOut chocolate cake is in the ingredients- rich Valrhona chocolate from France, caramel filling, and Belgian chocolate droplets as toppings!