Bushy Eyebrows...How to clean them up!!!/Top 5 Waxing Salons In Manila

I was born with thick and bushy eyebrows...a slighter tamer and female version of Scorcese's hahaha!

But it's not funny...having eyebrows waxed once a month can be pricey and PAINFUL!
BTW, if you're from Manila here's a list of 'waxing salons":

1. Piandre Annapolis in Greenhills - my favorite, never got burned. They do a nice job on the shaping.

2. California Nails - OUCH! I ended up with a scarlet mustache that was unsightly and THROBBING the whole day.

3. Miravelle in VMall - awful shaping.

4. F Salon Greenbelt - If you're in the area, ok, just stings a little more than usual and slight chance of injury.

5. Fabio Salsa Powerplant - Pretty good, at par with Piandre.

For those who would prefer to "clean up" at home, here's little guide:

Thank you About.com!