Five by Five Fantastic Footwear

It's no secret I'm broke, and it's a bad time to be broke when so many pairs of orphan shoes are needing a mother like me!

I just recently discovered Five by Five and by God they have the most gorgeous shoes at really affordable prices. I've been thinking ways to come up with p10,000++ in the past few days cause I want to order something like 3-5 pairs from them...and I will! Just you wait! in the meantime, here are some favorite drool worthy shoes from Five by Five:

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Tippie O. Tan said…
WOW! The animal print stillettos are to die for! *drool*
I know right?? They have electric blue platform stilletos ala Tribute that are soo awesome as well! I found a similar pair in So Fab for P999 but they didn't fit right and they also hurt A LOT! Sayang, pretty cute sana and cheap!
niknok said…
OMG OMG! I'm drooling over the first pair!!! so badass! i love it so much i don't know what to do! haha
what to do...plan a robbery, order all pairs in our sizes! haha!