Pur Minerals 4-in-1 Foundation

I am not much of a make-up person. I am all about multi-purpose make up. Up until yesterday, I only had 2 lip and cheek tints, some lip gloss, white eyeliner and a couple of lipsticks and I only use these on "special occasions". I am NOT a make up expert. BUT:

Lately, due to age probably, I have been feeling the need to sort of wake up my face a little bit. Add a little more of that youthful radiance.

God bless my sister-in-law, she is, I think by experience and career, quite the make up afficionado. I asked for her advice but she gave me something better in return:


pur minerals 4 in 1 pressed mineral foundation with spf 15
works as a concealer, powder, foundation and spf15 protection!!! wow!
chemical free!!!
mineral chisel brush
And this:
mineral lip tint in sandy quartz

I thought the brush was really cute. She taught me how to apply everything and I was amazed how quick it took. I was made up in less than 5 minutes! And without that icky, cakey, heavy, and dirty feeling you get from other foundations/powders. It feels like you're not wearing anything at all, like you just turned magically flawless with a wave of a brush.

Best of all, I found out that the 4-in-1 foundation is actually good for your skin. It's packed with vitamin E , Zinc and Titanium which keep you protected from the elements. The foundation is advertised as a 1 minute mineral make up miracle. And it is! The mere fact that I love it and can now no longer live without it is a miracle in itself. Ladies, this is technology working and the future of make up now within reach!

You must buy one, I personally guarantee it's greatness! hehe

pur minerals is available in Rustan's department store

photos courtesy of pur minerals


Hazel said…
It's getting popular, the mineral makeups! ma-try nga =D
yup, im no expert but i think its because of the light feeling you get with minerals. super sulit the 4 in 1, i swear! =)