I'm not sure if I mentioned it previously but my family has been sick, like on rotation. I think it started about a month ago when my daughter came home from school coughing. She had it for almost a week then passed it on to me. I got the worst end of it cause mine evolved from just a cough to a full blown flu with fever. So, I had it, next up was my husband who had a fever for like 3 days that ended up with an emergency room hospital check-up, a huge medical bill and a test stating that his liver enzymes were way above the normal range.

Here's the thing, I'm not an "alcoholic" but I enjoy my beverage. I have it several times a week. Helps me relax at night. But when my daughter is sick, I avoid it only because she continuously wakes up in the course of the night to look for me. It just spoils the rythm of the drink if you know what I mean, so I don't. Then I got sick, so I naturally couldn't. Then my husband got sick. This is the clincher.

I was well on my way to recovery and totally deserving a drink after more than a week of detox then the lab tests came in. My husband was on the way (I think) to having type B alcoholic hepatitis. Having abnormal liver enzymes mean one thing: abstinence. Of course I have to be supportive and try not to say a word about "it".

I have been good for a long time, then comes thanksgiving which has been celebrated by my family every year since the 40's. It's a big celebration that we all look forward to.

There were three big ass turkeys, a huge ham leg from The Plaza (i love you The Plaza! if you're reading this, pls send me a leg, a waiter, your 5 sauces and delicious pan de sal!), salpicao, lumpia, pancit, tanigue steak, salads and an assortment of cakes. I wore a lose dress in prepartion for this dinner which I had been dreaming about since the month started. Sadly, when we got there, the waiter offered me some wine and I asked about beer. They had it so i had one, and another, and another. Needless to say, the beer slyly took over as the "star of the evening". I was only able to have one plate, i repeat, a sad and lonely solitary plate of turkey, stuffing and steamed veggies. A big disappointment. I usually have three and push for four because I know I'm only going to have a nice turkey dinner once a year and I don't know where else to get it.

So it's a big regret because I love food and I live to eat. I'm going to make bawi next year big time. I'm taking my MC Hammer pants with me!

"can't touch this!"

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!