Bargain Hunting at the North Greenhills Bazaar

It wasn't part of my plan but I had some free time after attending a lunch and baptism so I decided to swing by the North Greenhills bazaar which is just a few blocks away from where I live.
The bazaar was quite small (sorry no pics of actual event, passing by was a spur of the moment thing) with just a few non-food booths up front and several food booths in the back. Upon entry, the first impression I got was that this was just going to be another bazaar filled with impersonal, practical gifts for Christmas but after further inspection, I discovered a little booth that was a treasure trove of one of a kind, beautiful vintage items:

I got this cream lace blouse for only P350 and it was in mint condition. I also purchased a navy and white striped crop top from them for only P199 which I don't have a picture of because I wore it already and it's in the laundry.

pretty pearl button
And this dress I found at another stall for only P300. It's from Korea complete with shoulder pads!

Nice drapey everyday dress, great for fat days and buffets!

And these cute little owl earrings I found at another booth for P100.

Total damage for 4 items: P949.00
My assessment: A pretty successful bazaar visit.

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