Blackberry Blues

Ok, remember my dilemma about the shoes vs. phone scenario? Here's what I did, I got both! =D hehe, but instead I got a cheaper BlackBerry to compensate.

I love the shoes, they are so nice to me and really, really pretty. But the BlackBerry is a different story...Maybe I'm just not tech savvy but I'm having such a hard time setting it up, like with the computer and stuff, syncing and shit. My back hurts from being on the computer all day reading BlackBerry forums searching for answers from other people who have had the same problems as me. There are a lot like me (thank God!).

Aaargh! I just wanna give up and just use it like a regular old phone and not care about the apps. I am seriously contemplating on taking my BB and laptop to a professional and have him do all the hard work for me while I get a massage.

"Bwisit BlackBerry!"

I am just really frustrated =(


Unknown said…
you got both, now thats sweet!
hope your bb gets well soon, and no longer bwisits you.
hahaha, thanks! it's still making me "bwisit" though, im so jealous of those other people using their BB's on facebook. i can only text and call pa din. HAHA! loser, i should've gotten an ordinary multi-tap phone nalang! =))