The Chocolate Kiss Cafe + Vintage Store

Last Friday, Dennis and I found ourselves being flagged down by an MMDA (traffic) officer. Initially, we thought he was a dirty cop just looking for "merienda (snack) money or pamasko (xmas gift)". We just drove past him, not in the mood to get pulled over, good thing he didn't have a motorcycle! We started talking about how corrupt they get until it dawned on us that it was a Friday and the car we were using was number coded. I guess the cop wasn't so dirty after all... It was about 5pm and we needed to get the car parked fast to avoid getting hailed down again. Lucky for us, the nearest establishment was the Chocolate Kiss Cafe on A. Roces Ave., Quezon City.

I've heard a lot of good things about this place many times before from friends of mine who go to UP. This is my first time to try it though and I must say it was a very pleasant experience.

The interiors are simple but very charming. This photo doesn't do justice to the place. It feels much more warm, welcoming and homey in there.
Their walls are also scattered with beautiful paintings like this one, which I fell in love with. All painting are made by up and coming artists and are for sale, just ask your waiter.
Now the important part, the food:
I ordered the Chicken Kiev (P205) for my daughter. This was delicious, perfect comfort food. I kept on sneaking in bites for myself. The chicken is stuffed with some sort of cheese I couldn't identify but similar to ricotta or cottage cheese, and herbs. The gravy reminds me of my grandma's. This brought me home!

I had their Hainanese Chicken (P205) which was not fantastic but good enough not to make you feel bad about paying your bill. The soap was terribly oil and piping hot! We burned our tongues sipping it. The chicken is a bit small and dry on the edges but the condiments they used are which was probably the saving grace for this dish.

Dennis wanted their Callos but by the time we got there, they were all out (I guess it's really good). He ordered their ribs (P195) instead which I have to say was a good decision. This is a dish made with men in mind. A big slab of juicy ribs smothered with a sort of Jack Daniels glaze. A really macho and savory dish.
For dessert, my daughter had the chocolate chip cheesecake. It's nothing new or remarkable but nonetheless good.
The reason behind The Chocolate Kiss Cafe's success is probably because of the simplicity and familiarity of their food plus the quality of the ingredients they use. It feels like home cooking with a twist and gives you a natural sense of well being and satisfaction. I am definitely going back for more. Maybe some pasta next time.
It was about 6:15 when we finished having dinner. Still too early to hit the road (number coding ends at 7pm), good thing there was a Papemelroti beside The Chocolate Kiss with a secret treasure trove upstairs. A pretty and quaint vintage shop!
The vintage clothes on display are already clean and laundered, just the right amount of pieces to keep you from feeling overwhelmed. They are carefully hand-picked from different sources. There are also shelves solely dedicated to knits.
I found this pretty leather stamped wallet for only P150.
selection of vintage wallets, bags and purses
some inspiring key holders from papemelroti