Christmas at New World Hotel

Christmas at New World is definitely for the kids and the young at heart like moi! Me and my daughter were both mesmerized at all the candy and sparkly things around. They have a giant Christmas tree decorated entirely with candy!!! In all the girly-girl shades you can dream up. It was so sparkly as well.
Check out the adorable giant cupcakes and lollipops on the tree. Their staircases are also covered with the same decor. Pink, purple and glitter overload!!! Just what all little girls adore...reminded me of the old ryhme "sugar and spice and everything nice".
They even have a life-size gingerbread house made out of real gingerbread. I honestly didn't think it was until my daughter shouted excitedly, "Mommy, smell it, it's real!!!" So I did, and got excited as well. It was real, just like all the old fashioned witches make them! hehe
Some kids even took a bite out of the house! Told my daughter not to touch it though...
The table centerpieces were lovely as well, miniature green velvet xmas trees covered with all things sweet and sparkly!
Like the stuff they used to sell in gift gate circa 1980's...look at that cupcake base!
During this visit, we rented a room for a little retreat within the city. This was my first time checking-in to New World and was quite frankly, disappointed with the room. It looks like it hasn't been renovated since the 1990's and I think that it is quite a rip-off to be charged the same amount as Shangri-La and the Peninsula when what you get is a mediocre cousin of the two.

Other than the decor though, the room is equally spacious and clean with lovely goose down feather comforters and pillows which I really also want to have at home!
The toiletries which come standard with the room were lovely, or so I thought at first that's why I brought the rest home with me:
They are made by Lather and are of high quality. I loved the smell of the shampoo and conditioner when I first tried it, but I later realized it made my hair smell like toothpaste!

Anyway, take your kids, most especially daughters for Sunday lunch or brunch before the holidays end. They will surely love the decor and go gaga over the candies!

me and my daughter Nikola
And this is what I wore...
Black boyfriend blazer: Ebay
white shirt: bench
skinnies: jag
cross connector ring: