Coffee Tasting at the Philippine Barista and Coffee Academy

It was supposed to be an uneventful day until a friend of ours who moonlights as an instructor at the coffee academy gave us a call inviting us for a coffee tasting at the Philippine Barista and Coffee Academy. It was the last day of (about) a week long short course on basic barista training.
There was a total of 6 graduates and each one had to prepare 3 different coffee drinks: a basic espresso, a hot variety and a cold frapuccino of their own creation. They were free to experiment with different ingredients and try to fuse it into their own signature drink. I felt like I was in "Iron Chef" and the secret ingredient was something weird like tuna that they had to make into a dessert...
yummy krema esspresso
all these for one drink
This wouldv'e been okay if the sweetness was toned down a bit. It consists of 4 different flavors of Torini, 2 huge dollops of whipped cream as a base and topping, chocolate syrup, caramel syrup and some assorted nuts sprinkled on top!
The basic cappucino the new graduates presented was deliciously rich and frothy. Good enough to rival that of Figaro and Segafredo.
This one was just plain weird...a cappucino with pork floss (mahu). It felt like I was drinking a Pork Floss bun from Bread Talk.

Our friend Mike, demonstrating the proper way to create "milk froth" to his students.

expertly crafted cappucinos by Chef Mike Canlas, learn how to make your own at home in their advanced barista training and coffee appreciation seminar
no sticks or toothpicks used for his froth art!

happy new barista graduates ready to open up their own coffee shops!

If you'd like to learn more about the Philippine Barista & Coffee Academy, you can visit them at or drop by the school at Atlanata Tower, Annapolis St, Greenhills, San Juan.

They also sell lovely espresso machines like these:

i want this but it uses pods...

It was a fun experience that left me totally high strung the rest of the day (hehe) and I needed to relax afterwards with several glasses of wine!


Unknown said…
the froth art is so cool! and he didn't use toothpick, even cooler!! as i was reading your entry, my first thought was oh no, was she able to sleep that night??? then i read the last part and it made me laugh :) looks like you had an awesome day

awesome and praning day. haha! =)