D.I.Y. Magic Marker Madness: Upcycling Clogs

I bought these ages ago at CMG. They are the most comfortable shoes ever and I loved the height, design and look of it so much, I sort of wore them to death...as you can see in the photo below:
I was cleaning out my shoe cabinet a few days ago and found them lodged at the back end of my closet behind some shoeboxes...fond memories came rushing back (I get overly dramatic when it comes to my shoes), and I couldn't bare to let myself throw them in the trash without at least trying to revive them somehow...
I got out another magic marker and got busy drawing leaves on them, just leaves, over and over. This is how it came out:
Stains are no longer visible! Sadly, the patent on some parts of it, mainly the edges have peeled away due to its prolonged storage. I'm still contemplating on applying a trim to cover those up.


Marie said…
Wow! I love this DIY. I envy your Magic Marker talent. :)
It's super easy, I'm sure you can do it too! =)