I Love Tokyo Bubble Tea!

Tokyo Bubble Tea is delish and I'm delighted that they recently opened up shop nearby on Wilson St. Their bubble teas have just the right amount of sweetness to it (i like less sugar in mine) and the smaller sized sago they use is easier to manage in the mouth. I find the large ones that Quickly and Zagu uses a bit overpowering for my sensitive and weak teeth. Theirs is also much softer =)
I passed by to pick up a cup for myself again a couple of days ago and was pleasantly surprised to see that the adjacent Honeybee pattiserie was also partially open already. Look at how pretty they package a single slice of take out cake! Pretty enough to give as a gift even if it's just a slice.
love the bubble tea!!! especially royal milk tea....mmmm!
I ordered the Raspberry Napoleon to bring home and share with Dennis. He loved it and almost devoured the entire piece. Good thing I was there to stop him and have my fill as well.
The raspberry Napoleon is P135 a slice and about P1200 or P1300 for an entire cake (that's the price range of all their cakes, little bars and cream puffs are about P60-P80), it has layers of puff pastry filled with custard and alternated with Rasberry jam, there also seems to be a bit of cheesecake somewhere between those layers.
The puff pastry of my cake wasn't crunchy anymore as I imagined it should be, maybe because I took it home. Over-all, their cakes are good, a bit pricey but I guess it's okay since they have a "hotel-like" quality to them.