Kitchen at Greenbelt- A Review

I don't often visit Greenbelt anymore the same way I used to years ago but a few days ago I found myself in the area for lunch. The place is so different from how I remembered it (I live under a rock!), a lot of the old restaurants I used to frequent aren't there anymore and a lot have shuffled around the place. It was confusing for me, maybe that's why I decided to eat in Kitchen because Kitchen is like a fossil in Greenbelt. It's been there since it opened and I am quite familiar with the place.
We ordered the Green Thumb salad for P156.25
The Lazy Oaf - P174.11
Under the Sun - P227.60
Clamming Up - P168.71
The place has been renovated since my last visit which was years ago. The new interiors are very chic, like a New York style up market cafeteria. The old benches and long tables are from the past which I think give Kitchen it's unique character are still around.

Like I said, I haven't been in awhile so I don't really remember how the food in Kitchen used to be like, I just remember frequenting it. Now though, after this visit, I'm guessing it'll be my last, or maybe I just ordered the wrong dishes.

Kitchen is supposed to be a "modern kitchen" which translates to fusion cuisine. I'm not a fan of fusion but I admit that the few times it's done right, it's quite remarkable. In this case however, I felt like everything was just fused with sweet chili sauce. All the dishes except for Clamming Up, gave the same aftertaste, which was, you guessed it, grocery bought sweet chili sauce. The part that infuriates me is that this very distinct taste was not included in any of the descriptions of the above dishes in their menu except maybe when it came to the salad, but I'm not so sure... Under the Sun had the description of a seafood pasta with tomato cream sauce which I thought would be like the traditional lobster with tomato cream sauce pasta L'Incontro and Gourdo's serves, I didn't expect it to be sweet and sour. Clamming up gives you the impression of a Vongole (usually Linguine noodles served with Clams and a white wine sauce)style pasta dish but instead it is just average pesto sauce sprinkled with a few clams. Out of all the dishes, the salad was my favorite. The Lazy Oaf was good in the beginning but you get tired of it towards the end...My guess is becasue of that darn sweet chili aftertaste...