My Christmas Wish This Year: A Nokia C7

I deserve the Nokia C7 because I've been a good girl all year!
...for Santa, that would be enough, but otherwise:
I deserve the Nokia C7 because I am the estranged daughter of Leo Mechelin and I have not received a single cent in all my 31 years of life!

But really, I deserve a Nokia C7 because it will help me fulfill a dream I've had for over ten years. That is to travel the entire Philippine archipelago from end to end while simultaneously documenting my trip.

Ten years ago, I was single and GPS wasn't really available to everyone yet. On my bedroom side table lay a stack of maps and a magic marker. I would go through those maps everyday trying to plot the routes I would take when I was finally able to save up the money to begin my journey. I already sold my mid-size vehicle and replaced it with a 4x4 in preparation for my upcoming adventure.

But God had other plans for me. I met a man and shortly after, got pregnant. The money I had been saving for my grand expedition went to expenses for my daughter and a jumpstart to begin my new life with my own family.

Ten years later, I still haven't given up on that dream. My daughter has grown into a beautiful little girl, my family has settled, and I have begun saving up again.

GPS will certainly make moving around easier for me and the high quality photos and videos the C7 produces are all I need to create the grand documentary of my life and travels. I wish to inspire other people to do the same.


Unknown said…
i hope you win! such a poignant entry :)

thank you! i hope so too! =) nice blog by the way =)
halojin said…
I already finish reading your entry regarding the Nokia C7 contest! Good luck po sa entry mo po! Godbless! napaka gandang regalo talaga niyan!