Pajamas in SaGuijo

About a couple days ago, around eleven-ish in the evening, while Dennis and I are were starting to relax with a little nightcap at home, he received a phone call from his sister who was still stranded in Glorietta. She'd been there for three hours trying to get a cab ride home. Naturally, we decided to pick her up instead. It was almost midnight when we got there and we don't find ourselves in the area often so we, actually just Dennis, decided to drop by our friends Christmas party in Cafe SaGuijo. I was a bit iffy about going because my face was all shiny with night cream and I was dressed for bed. Good thing I pulled on some jean shorts and my Toms before leaving. My whole outfit consisted of an old, ratty black tee, jean shorts, Toms, and a big, bulky flannel robe ala "boxing champion". I ditched the robe when we got there.
It's a good thing SaGuijo is sort of a "come as you are" place. I didn't feel all that much left out. We ended up having more than a couple drinks and catching up with a lot of old friends. Got to see Angulo as well with their new front-man "Hans". I love their new sound. It's edgier, raunchier, and kick ass, just the way I like it. Good Job guys!
Pitik's version of "Drive" by the Cars was another awesome treat. Here's a shot of me and my friend Niko of Anggulo and Mama P's taken with a hipstamatic for iPhone. I wanna get that application too. It's so cool.