A Poco Deli Update!

As promised, I made a trip back to Poco deli and got busy eating. They have their Christmas specials now:
Dennis ordered the Pot Roast which was really good and tender. The gravy had a hint of red wine in it and the pork seems to have been marinated in a lot of thyme or caraway seeds. Very flavorful and the serving was quite generous.

Pot Roast w Bacon Rice - P280
The bacon rice was a big disappointment to me. I expected a lot more from it, not just bacon bits sprinkled on top of a cup of rice. the bits weren't even crunchy. In my opinion, the bacon rice sounds a lot better than it tastes. After the robust flavors of the pot roast, you don't even really notice the bacon.
I ordered the Aglio Oglio with angel hair pasta. Really good! make sure you ask for some chili flakes, chili oil and extra parmesan. Serving is quite big. If you're not a big eater, you can probably split it and get a bowl of soup.
The bread that comes with the pasta is also very good. Soft, and I think it's made of either rye or whole wheat bread.
Aglio Oglio - P145
They also sell a variety of imported beers
and beautiful gift baskets like this one! i'd love to be the recipient of one of these!
they also sell a variety of imported dried chilis
and fresh herbs!
great sausages from Mickey's deli

Poco deli is a nice, quiet and quaint place for an intimate gathering with friends over wine or a romantic but casual date.


ching said…
i go weak for pasta! it just looks so delish.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the feedback on the Bacon Rice, we have improved the Bacon Rice by cooking the rice with bacon oil and topping it off with bacon bits! from Chef Joy of POCO Deli