Real Bagnet and Longganisa From Ilocos At Your Reach

Ilocos is infamous for their bagnet and longganisa because it's good. Problem is, Ilocos is about 12 hours away from Manila.

No worries, now you can get your "pork fix" anytime, anywhere in Manila. Just call Niko Dinglasan.

breakfast all day! yum!

delicious longganisa with lots of garlic!

i love the vintage plate!

crispy bagnet (double deep-fried pork)

Indulge yourself once in awhile. Call Niko Dinglasan at 09237120832 or 09179624302 for your orders.

Bagnet is P480 a kilo, 1 kilo Longganisa for P320

Have some bagnet this christmas season or give it to a friend as a gift. One kilo goes a long way.
All of Niko's bagnet and longga are flown in fresh from Ilocos regularly.


Anonymous said…
sarap yan! cant stop eating the longa and bagnet!