Royce Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

The ultimate couch potato snack, potato chips and chocolate combined. Two of my most favorite tv snacks.
These babies are delish! Once you pop, you can't stop....seriously! Somebody will have to take the bag away from you.
It may seem a bit odd to you, the combination of a salty potato chip and sweet milk chocolate, but trust me, it a worthy combination. Think Churros in a bag. These are a must try.
A bit pricey at P580 a box but definitely worth every bite. I think they make nice Christmas presents too.
Yum! Indulge once in awhile...


Esther said…
wow :) it looks so yummy!! :D xxxx <3
Esther said…
hey babe thanks SO MUCH for dropping by!!! love your lovely comment :D and thank you SO MUCH x 100 for putting my blog under your blog list!! :D im going to do the same too! im gonna follow you now :) if you havent done the same,, follow me babe :D BIG KISSES from uk! xxx <3
will do, thanks so much! =)