What A Night, What A Night!

Ooooh, my head is throbbing...woke up today at 11:30am with a serious hangover!

We had the usual dinner/noche buena last night with the family of Dennis that ended around one in the morning. Got home, prepared my daughter for bed, helped her get some shut-eye, then joined Dennis and some other friends, who came over, for some serious holiday drinking.

We said our goodbyes around six in the morning and here I am five hours later, after having prepared some lunch, eating and playing with my daughter, on our dining table, writing this entry. Man, it is hard being a mother with a hangover. And it's not over, later today, we are attending another party...I'd like to sit this one out but once you're there and the sun begins to set, it gets harder.

The holidays are a lot of fun but also very exhausting!