Jellies at Manila Ocean Park

Ever been to Manila Ocean Park? It is quite a rip-off I have to admit. I've been there twice. Once for free when they were newly opened for a TV guesting, the second time, earlier this year, I had to pay for my daughter's annual school field trip. It hasn't changed much, I was expecting they would have expanded by now but instead it some of the earlier aquariums are now already closed off.

They have a new feature though, called the Jellies, bummer is that you have to pay an extra P150 on top of their P400 something entrance fee to get in. It's a fairly large room filled with Jellyfish filled aquariums. It is such a trip! My daughter got kinda scared because it is pitch black when you enter but me and Dennis enjoyed it a lot. I just wish they had a wider variety of jellyfish in there.

The colors of the lights change every few seconds giving the place a "sci-fi" vibe.

I remember seeing a lot of these in the open water a few years back when we jet-skid from Batangas to Boracay. A real beauty, the water's were infested and they are really cute. Makes you wanna pick one up and play with it. They look like giant Gummies!
I was stung by one of these in San Juan Batangas before. Had to pour vinegar all over my leg!