Katy Perry's Scented Concerts

I'm more of a "rock" person but Katy Perry amuses me, I think it's her attitude and ultra-catchy tunes.

This 2011, Kat Perry is planning a "scented" European tour. She is currently experimenting on a tour "aroma" as we speak. Bubblegum? Cotton Candy maybe? Looks like smell-o-vision has finally arrived!

Willy Wonka should collaborate with Katy Perry for some super cool designer candy! What you think?


Unknown said…
oooh, now thats interesting!
ive been a katy perry convert because of her catchy tunes too!
did you see the victoria's secret fashion show? she was awesome there too. her costumes are so cute! =)
Unknown said…
oh yes, katy perry + VS is an awesome combo!
she could be a VS angel herself!!