My Daily Skincare Regimen

I often get compliments about my skin, (chos! hehe) so I decided to share my skin care regimen for those who are interested =)

When I was in my early-mid twenties, I used to have really bad sun-damaged skin from not putting any sunblock on while wakeboarding and marathon jet-skiing. I was young, dumb, and skin aging wasn't much of an issue for me back then until one day, after coming home from a strenuous jet-ski trip from Boracay, I noticed fine wrinkles on my badly (wind and sun) burned forehead! Needless to say, that got me freaked out so I started searching the market for cheap, quality skin care products. (I hate spending on skin care products that's why I want them cheap but effective.)

I started using Olay total effects which I found to work quite well on my skin except that it gave me a few blackheads on my nose but I'm not that fussy so I continued to use it. I just found it a bit expensive, I know, I know, it's just Olay but the whole line from wash, toner, eyecream, daycream, nightcream would set me back more than P3k and it would last for like what? A month? Two months? I was desperate for an alternative. A friend suggested trying Pond's age defense. Very bad idea! It burned my skin and gave me nasty rashes. I'm sure this doesn't happen to everyone but my skin had a violent reaction to the chemicals in it, keyword- chemicals! Gunk! So I begrudgingly shelled out more dough and went back to Olay.

Then about a year ago, another friend introduced me to Human Nature. I have always been a fan of all-natural and organic but I have never been a fan of the hefty price tag that comes along with them, most especially those found in healthy options. So I was surprised and happy to discover how cheap Human Nature products go for. I immediately purchased the entire line for myself (which cost me less than a thousand!) and have been using it since then. No more blackheads, no more nasty rashes and dark circles, just beautiful, radiant, nourished skin (haha! I think I may have subconsciously borrowed that line from somewhere)!

This is what I do everyday, twice a day:
  1. Cleanse with hydrating/moringa facial wash
  2. Tone with hydrating/moringa toner
  3. Apply sunflower beauty oil on my eye area and lips.
  4. Apply day cream or nightcream
I have semi-dry aging skin and the moringa works wonders to it. For those of you who have oily/combination skin, try the tomato toner and wash instead.

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