Online Shopping Tips

Online shopping has been all the rage these recent years and I can totally understand why. Online shops offer the latest trends in shoes and clothing, usually at lower prices as compared to malls. You may also find some things that aren't available in your local stores yet. Also, by doing your shopping online, you save up a lot on gas, parking, the occasional cup of coffee or merienda, and impulse purchases. However, despite the many advantages, a lot of people are still iffy about buying online because of the many horror stories whispered from one ear to the other. A lot of people have experienced getting scammed by up to no good online sellers and have maintained a permanent phobia in regards to shopping online. All the stories (good and bad) you heard are probably true but here are a few things to remember when shopping to prevent yourself from being another statistic:
  1. Always ask questions. When it comes to purchasing online, you only have one dimensional photos available to inspect and a short description here and there. If you are unsure about something, it's better to ask before committing to pay. Most online stores do not accept returns.
  2. Check the pictures. Make sure photos look real; meaning taken by the seller herself and not just grabbed from some other site (common with online scammers).
  3. Try to arrange to "meet up" instead of having your item shipped for first time purchases with a new seller.
  4. If the price is too good to be true, it probably is. Skip it and move on to something more realistic. A lot of people on ebay are being scammed for iPhones worth only P8,000.
  5. Always ask for your tracking number after sending in your payment.
  6. Check the seller's feedback or testimonial page from people she has dealt with in the past.
Shopping online is a lot of fun. Over the years, I have found many great treasures at really low prices from different online shopping sites. I hope my tips encourage you to support the many young entrepreneurs and designers who are starting their businesses through online marketing. Just remember to always be careful and not so gullible to prevent getting scammed. =)


Unknown said…
very informative!!
Anonymous said…
Hi Sarah! Thanks for the tips. Can you give me advise on how buy internationally on ebay? I have a paypal account though I've never used it and how do I avoid getting taxed by the post office? Can I have the item shipped directly to my door?