The Perfect Pair Of Clogs

"Oro Nero means Black Gold in Italian"

I've been wanting to purchase a pair of clogs for the longest time but something was always holding me back. And that's weird for me cause I am very, very impulsive when it comes to shoes.

Now I know why! Destiny and the universe, together as one, joining forces, conspired for me to wait for these to come out:
My perfect pair of clogs in all their 5 inch glory!!! (approx. could be 6"? I just know they're sky- high and perfect! hehe)
I am supposed to be on a self-imposed shopping ban but how could I possibly have passed these up? Shoes like these only enter your life once in a blue moon. I have seen A LOT of different variations on the "clog" but a lot of the designs have put me off. I think that when the heel of a clog is too low, it can make you look quite dowdy. I also find that a lot of the pairs available in the market have quite a large entry way leaving my feet uncomfortable and un-welcome inside.

Thank you C. for the 10% discount coupon, I owe you one large Royal Bubble Tea!


Chyrel Gomez said…
i'm never really a fan of clogs but i like this one. :)
me too! hehe =) oro nero in cmg has a lot of pretty variations on the clog available now. i just opted for the classic looking ones. they have it in a pump, sandal style and another plainer version of the traditional clog but without buckles
Michelle said…
I haven't gotten into the clog bandwagon yet. I'm still stuck in the world of oxfords, moccasins and boat shoes. But this looks like a winner if I ever saw one. Great buy! :)
Unknown said…
oh my, i shall find my perfect pair!