Rx:12mg of Shoes

No outfit posts in the meantime. Still recuperating from bad colds, bad headache. Been mostly in pajamas, just watching tv, snacking and looking for new prospects: (works better than medicine!)
in love with this turquise number from Prada...if money were no object...
need this in my shoe cabinet for the coming summer;
i want these wrecker boots by Jeffrey Campbell NOW!!!!
guisepe zannoti beauties:
vintage style Marc Jacobs...drool...
architectural balenciagas:
great everday wedge from Prada:
alexander mcqueen:
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh! lala!
check out those studs! what a cool way of infusing punk with nautical!
topshop maxi:
super pretty embelished platforms from Miu Miu
Ahhh, much better, feel 10x better just looking at these photos. Now the heart starts to ache with longing....

I miss you all! Will be visiting your blogs right when I get better! =)


Aya said…
LOVEEEE the last one!
mikenbecca said…
those are cute shoes!!! Hope you feel better soon!
Toni Tralala said…
I really like the Jeffrey Campbell and YSL ones. They're note worthy!
Priscila said…
Cute blog you have!
I love shoes!!! YSL is the best!!!

Have a nive weekend!

Ewelyna said…
really fantastic shoes !!
Buky said…
Anything by JC and MCQueen?
I havent really checked out Prada and other designers.
I just LOve JC

Unknown said…
i loooove these shoes!!! i'm a shoe addict too :) hope you feel better soon!

Luis said…
Gorgeous shoes!!! my dear am passing on the versatile blogger award to you. Congratulation :-)Check my versatile blogger entry at stylenarratives.blogspot.com and hope you can pass it on :-)
Jen HaHA said…
Just discovered your blog. The name of it piqued my attention. I love eggplant! Kumusta! (My Tagalog is limited) I so want those YSLs! Maybe if I skip my mortgage this month.

Jen Hemming and Hawing Again
Kris said…
Love this post. The shoes made me drool lol

Please follow my blog and ill follow back! Im a blogger newbie :)

Feel better soon! Ooh all those platforms, esp. the crazy architectural Balenciagas! Love...
Bea said…
The nude platforms are gorgeous. I would wear them with everything :) Business but still feminine!

Bea from A plus B
Priscila said…
OMG!!!! I miss u!