Seriously PMS-ing (A Tribute To The Best Pan de Sal In The World!)

Sorry, no regular outfit posts for a few days. My PMS this month is really bad. When I first got my period at about the age of 12 until I turned 25, PMS was never really a big deal for me. Basically, I never experienced it. But after giving birth to my daughter 4 years ago, it seems to have hit me on the head with a big comeback "plonk!". PMS has become a five day prerequisite before and during my period. I now experience severe stomach cramps, migraines and worst of all, a very short temper. Also, along with PMS comes my inability to find anything suitable to wear. I wonder if this happens to you as well? It seems like anything I put on looks ill-fitting which I know is not true and just my mind, eyes and mirror playing tricks on me but I still can't put whatever on. I might as well just wear a potato sack to get me through my errands.

Anyway, the thing I most love to do during PMS is to just gorge myself to my heart's delight. I am quite the bottomless pit for ten days in a month. That is probably why I don't feel like doing any outfit posts. Instead I will make a tribute to the best pan de sal in the world:

These gorgeous whole wheat buns are from 1950's Pan de Sal and they are the bestest pan de sal's you will ever find. You buy them warm, moist and fresh out of the oven. It will take all your self control not to bury your face in the brown bags they are packed in. The smell emanating from these buns are heavenly and they go well with everything. Chicken, cheese, tuna, butter or just the bread alone is equally satisfying. They are huge too. About the same size as the buns on a hamburger.

A little something that helps keep my temper and hormones in check are these little green wonders. They are natural moringa capsules. I don't really know what it is they have that helps make me feel better but they do. I read up a little on it, and what I found out is that they generally give you an over-all sense of well-being.