Sing Hainanese Chicken House Review

I stayed in Singapore twice for a few months some years ago and eversince then, I have become a huge "Chicken Rice" fan. I had it almost everyday at every hawker stand and supermarket. Not only did it taste great but it was easy on my budget too. Food can get really expensive in Singapore and "Chicken Rice" is one of the cheapest meals you can get. If my memory serves me right, I think a whole plate with soup and hainan rice would only cost me about $4-$8 sing dollars depending on where I get it (about P120-P264).

I haven't been able to return to Singapore since my last visit in 2004 and I have really been missing their food, Singapore is such a gastronomic country.

I was in Shangri-la with Dennis today and we were looking for a place to eat. My nose took me to Sing's Chicken House. It smells just like the stands back in Sing. We immediately settled down into our seats and ordered a half chicken, which already comes with two bowls of rice and soup.

Service is very efficient and the staff is really nice and attentive. Quite well staffed for a little place. Nothing much to say about the interiors. Pretty straight-forward but clean.

I must say, it's very similar to what I used to have in Singapore about 98% similar. I can pinpoint what's different but there is something...although it's great to have something like this here that you can go to whenever you get the craving...
That's a very generous half Chicken. It's perfectly cooked. Juicy and tender with sesame oil undertones. The three sauces (ginger, chili and dark soy sauce) that traditionally come with Hainanese Chicken, in my opninon, make the dish. If you can't get the sauces right then don't bother at all. The ginger and soy sauce part was fine if not identical to the authentic. What bothered me was the chili. I remeber asking for seconds of the chili in Singapore because it was really delicious. Spicy but very tolerable. Here at Sing, I think they cheaped out on the chili and added some "labuyo"(local red chili) to extend it. It was very, very spicy, you couldn't really taste the flavor of the chili...I hope they do something about that.
Overall, I have to say that my visit to Sing was a very pleasant success. I will definitely be back for more.

ps. try ordering the fish cakes, I think they're good. They were all out when we got there =)


Buky said…
Oh Now i want to try it!
I love Panda Express in the US, my absolutely fav place to eat.
Anonymous said…
Ohh what a lovely blog, following! ((:
Aya said…
It all look so good!!