What I Wore Today: 101

Like I said, it's been rainy lately. Didn't have much to do, just a couple of errands to run so no need really to dress up. Instead, I just decided to have fun with it. Rainboots make me do that...maybe it's the anticipation of stepping into puddles or the fact that my pair is quite quirky with a lot of doggies on it...but there is definitely something that makes me not take fashion too seriously once my feet step into these rubber booties.

my daughter was watching 101 dalmatians while I was dressing up...

mixing prints with a LOUD pop of pink! and shorts just in case the weather gets warm again all of a sudden...I'm beginning to think Manila has freakish weather...

marc jacobs polka sweater, f21 plain black shirt, gap denim shorts, pink jelly kelly, plueys


mikenbecca said…
Cute outfit indeed for a rainy season!!! Anyway I rather have the rain than snow. Cold weather sucks :-(
Toni Tralala said…
I'm loving the polka dot detail. I'm a sucker for that. Rain boots are a must in the Philippines yet not a lot of people buy them. :s

Yours are ridiculously cute!
@reese: yea, i think i'd rather have rain too, snow is fun but only for a few days...hope the weather out there gets better soon!

@toni: thanks! =D yup, rainboots are a MUST for the philippines with all the floods,big puddles from uneven roads and it rains like 70% of the year! i think most people are afraid to wear them cause of the metro aid stigma from the 80's!
Aya said…
I'm obsesseddd with your bag! They say that see through bags are in now! :) xoxo
Natalie Suarez said…
CUTE! i love ur marc jacobs sweater. i'm obsessed with polka dots at the moment!! :)

@aya: really? i'm in luck! i've had this bag for the longest time, almost sold it before, just hung on to it because of the color, i love how bright it is =)
Mary Ann said…
heart your bag, ^^, btw thanks for dropping by my blog--i just followed you!^^

thanks for following ann, i'll check out your other blog =)
thanks for the compliment neve, love your art! =)
Vinda Sonata said…
hey, you're really lovely.
i love your outfit and how the bag spices up things. great styling !
Fashion Mom said…
oh you look so cute, love your marc jacob sweater, the boots looks lovely and i love your bag x
thanks vinda, you're so talented. love your entries! =)
Anonymous said…
thank you so much :)
Hazel said…
can i just say you don't look 31! i think the profile/about me on the sidebar is lying! :)) more like a 21! :> anyway, love love the rain boots! haha! followed you, btw ;)

<3 hazel
Anto said…
thanxxxx!!! :)