What I Wore Today: 65 Laurel Canyon

Hello lovelies! I'm back after being in bed with a bad case of the flu for almost a week. Feeling much better now...but I passed it on to Dennis.
Weather has been weird, still quite cool but then it gets really hot sometime around 2pm, maybe that's why almost everyone around me has been getting sick. Anyway...

Bought these bell-bottoms from Topshop years ago but they were and still remain my most favorite pair of pants ever. I've been everywhere searching for a similar pair but I can't seem to find any. To my horror, I noticed yesterday that these beloved jeans of mine are starting to show signs of wear and usage especially around the knee area. The denim has thinned out quite significantly. If any of you have any leads for me as to where I can buy another pair, please let me know. =)
I inherited a lot of vintage rings, belts, jewelery from my grandma, Mamita. I'm planning to do a tribute blog entry for her soon. She was sooo pretty during her prime. I just need to scan some old photographs first so I can share them with you.


Mamacita said…
That is a really cute outfit! I loved the top!

amazing dear! i really love your style <3 maybe we can follow each other? ;-) http://wonderfashionista.blogspot.com/
Unknown said…
Thank you for your comment :)
I'm following you !

I really love your pants and top!:) very vintage!
Fashion Mom said…
hi ms eggplant, i am also very happy to find another fashion mommy!
i love your blog so i definitaly follow you. you look great!!
thanks guys! will leave replies on your blogs =)
love it!


fashion doctor said…
thank you so much for your comment!you look wonderful!i follow you!kissessssssss