What I Wore Today: Black Cardi

We were in a terrible rush yesterday. Why? I don't know, it seemed like we did everything the same at the same time. I guess there are just days when you get up from bed and you feel like your legs are made up of lead and walking feels like swimming through a bowl of porridge. In this case, my entire family woke up with lead legs!
I wanted to wear a skirt but there simply wasn't enough time to put the outfit together so I had to opt for the easier route, jeans and neutrals. Even my photos were taken haphazardly in the parking lot on our way out. I don't have any surplus photos. These are it, just three, which I had to just edit from and make the most out of. Hope you like them. =)

black boyfriend cardi - babo
white cami - grandma's hand me down
jeans - heritage
belt - summersault.multiply.com
boots - golddot.multiply.com (don't forget to check out their SALE!)


Unknown said…
your boots are amazing!!! i guess we can also blame the weather for the feeling of sluggishness :)

margarita ts said…
nice boots!thank you for the comment on my blog!
i follow you now..
Anonymous said…
i love this! you look sooo chic!
Aya said…
The outfit looks great, I'm obsessed with you shoes!
gtc said…
Wonderful girl really

Kiss from france

great combo;)
i like your heels so much, very stunning

yes, i live in BKK, u'll come here? great ^^
(but if u gonna go to Pataya, please be careful, such a sin city)

i'm following you on blogloving, hope you follow me back

mikenbecca said…
Gorgeous!!! that boots are rocking!!!
@wenny: thanks for the travel advisory =)

thank you everyone for your comments! =D
Mary Lee said…
thanks for the comment! you said you followed me but it doesn't show up on my page? anyways i like your boots and i'm following
hope you'll follow back
Unknown said…
Very nice boots!
Following you back!
@mary: maybe there was a glitch in the matrix, i followed again. thanks for following me back =)