What I Wore Today: Bonjour!

Today was pretty cold! yahoo! I am trying to enjoy the cold weather while it lasts cause I am pretty sure that this summer, and the majority of this year, will be spent in scorching Manila heat!

covering my VERY undone face. I didn't have time to put on any make-up today plus I was super tired from walking around the mall all day trying find Dennis a perfect birthday present...notice the very tired eyes. Why does it have to be so difficult to find gifts for men???
old vintage top circa 60's; my grandma's old skirt that I totally butchered and made my own
black beret from Irene's closet back when they were still in Rockwell and oxfords from Aldo.
generic socks from SM Dept. Store


Clara said…
Oh, I miss summer. In Denmark it's 0 degrees (I'm from Denmark :b), sooooo i can't wait for summer!
- Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog (:
Whoop it up! said…
great outfit!
thx for following <33
xx, tany

0 degrees is way too cold for me! perfectly happy with our comfortable 25 degrees. cold weather here probably equals to your summer weather there. it can get as hot as 37 degrees celsius on a really bad summer's day here. would love to visit denmark someday though =)
@whoop: no problem, love your blog =)
Clara said…
The highest tempature in Denmark is about 32 degrees :D
Cinnamon Wren said…
Thank you for your lovely comment, will totally follow you back!
And I hear you about finding gifts for guys! They don't appreciate shoes quite the way us girls do, lol!
Tess said…
such a cute outfit!! love the socks. I'm loving your blog, now following!!!

xxo Tess S.
Missariadne said…
Great look!
I'm a new follower,
I hope that become my follower too!
retromilk said…
I really like your sweater. I'm following you, hope you could follow me back :)

Silvia Negretti said…
thanx for your comm :)
I like your blog, i'll follow you too!

Julieta said…
Casual and chic! :) I love the shoes <3
Melai said…
Hi! Gosh, everytime I see you, I'm still in awe on how you maintain your shape. Mom? really? Hahaha! You look like a darling here! I know what you mean, manila heat is coming soon so we ought to utilize the winter wardrobe!! :)

Melai of Style and Soul
thank you all for following me! have a great day =) xoxo
@melai: thanks, i have a four year old daughter...i guess im just lucky to have my mom's genes. =)
Fashion Mom said…
i follow you also on twitter x