What I Wore Today: Casual Dinner

Today is Dennis's birthday, as some of my loyal readers probably already know (btw, ended up getting him a watch), and he decided to celebrate it alongside our aunt who happens to have the same birthday as him.
I think the highlight of this post is more on the food rather than my outfit. The food was extraordinary! Our dinner was catered by Cibo ( a local italian restaurant) and this is what we had (my outfit dulls in comparison to these dishes):
fresh pasta with mushroom and asparagus in a light cream sauce
pasta bar, this was amazing, the noodles were cooked within a whole wheel of cheese, you could top it with fresh tomatoes, shaved parmesan and your choice of arugula or basil leaves. super yummy!
cheese flambe

roast young pork...didn't touch this, felt bad for the piglet...
green salad with pomelo and vinaigrette
pan fried fish with onions, black olives, pepper
roast beef in red wine reduction sauce, capers and rosemary
tender benson's pork barbecue
there's always room for dessert!
mango panna cota
chocolate souffle


Nikita said…
lovin your vest! & everything looks so delicious, especially the pasta in the cheese, such a neat idea!
thanks for your lovely comment, im following now too:)
xx Nikita
xx said…
all those foods looks so so good!! xx
Unknown said…
yumyum, delicioso!
youre making me hungry!!
Aya said…
Loving the casual outfit! The food looks so yummmyy :))
Luis said…
loving the foodies but what really caught my eye is the interesting vest :-)