What I Wore Today: Errands in the Cold

It took awhile for the cold winds of China and japan to get here this year but now that they've arrived, I'm totally loving it! Dressing up for the cold is easy and fun, just throw on whatever and cover it up with a favorite jacket or sweater...or a cape/kimono/robe, which I really, really want but have been too cheap to actually buy...

We had a lot of errands to do, mostly unimportant, but had to do anyway, Dennis was in the living room rushing me to get ready and I was feeling lethargic and badly hungover. I didn't feel like getting out of bed, much less getting dressed, until I saw this old hand me down cable knit sweater that called out "mama" to me.

So I put it on with a pair of jeans, and my favorite gold dot boots, trodded down the hallway, into the car, slumped in my seat and got all comfy and cozy with my sweater until the end of the day.

How's your New Year's hangover? =)

cable knit sweater - hand me down
jeans - heritage
boots - golddot.multiply.com
bag - KTA


thanks for droppin by my blog hun :) so many of my friends have terrible hang over today. lol!

Hazel said…
you're one hottt momma :) love the knit sweater and shoes :D
Phuong said…
you look so cute, i love the sweater! Happy 2011
oh i love the blue sweater